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T-Man Training At The Club


Never miss a oportunity to train. especially if you’re into strong man or “functional” training. such as when some one hits on your girl do not be afriad to do a one handed snatch or power cling and press with him. this will work the stabelizers and put a new added perspective to your training as your lifting a squirming mass and not a finite solid mass. i like to spot myself with the other hand. it doesnt lessen the wieght u lift but helps you to push them to the side if you drop them because the are kicking and screaming :wink:

I too love the one arm human press. best yet is 170, but i was hammered and ran down a hallway with buddy overhead. This did not end well…

thats why i spot with other hand. see how its on top of him. this lets me control which way he falls. plus if your good you can turn it into another polly event. then human dart. good for explosive pushing :stuck_out_tongue:

i have heard tell that some ppl rtain their grip and one arm curl by picking up girls in skirts like a bowling ball. but i ppersonally never tried. yupe thats my story and i am sticking to it.

that skinny dude looks like he is enjoying the whole thing a little too much!

i am damn sexy what can i say. i thinink he was about 180 lbs

And then someone mentioned how figure skaters do it all the time and I was ALMOST as strong as the fairies in tights.

So I pumped out some reps and threw the carcass at them. No more comments from the peanut gallery.

lol u know whats worse? if u look closely i am wearing a ELITE FTS shirt to the club. lol rocking it hard core.

though i would love to pick up a female figure skater like a bowling ball. good for the forearms.