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T-Man taking the walk...

Thats right. AlphaMale is taking the big walk down the center of the church this weekend. But the funny thing is that I am not nervous in the least bit, excited, but not nervous. I just wanted to here some wedding weekend t-man advice…

Well, first, once the penis is fully erect you…JK --Best of luck!!

Have fun, relax, forget about everything but each other for a while. Don’t let any one know how to reach you, but if you do, make sure they only do so in the direst of emergencies.

I quote from the book of Nate:

“Eat that pussy till she can’t walk, nor see, nor hear. Then go play golf.”

Don’t do it, man.

I didn’t think I was nervous until the actual wedding day when I figured out that I was fucked. But the honeymoon is great, lots and lots and lots and lots of sex.

Keep taking that Tribex!

Alpha, join the club. I did the same about a week and a half ago. There’s no magic advice to give you unfortunately. If it’s right, everything will work out. Enjoy the honeymoon…I did!!

My advice? Don’t take a date

Remember Sam Kinnison’s married face? Can you say “AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!” ? Seriously, be sure you’re sure. Mine is always bitching because there is no food, or I hit her too hard, or some such lame shit. All kidding aside, the only real advice I can give is DO NOT let her cut you off from your friends or control your coming and going. You have to keep the nights out with the boys to maintain perspective, and sanity. I’ve seen guys that let the wives take control, and it is not a pretty sight.

The Man Show had a quick bit of advice for marriage. Step 1: Get married. Step 2: Go on honeymoon. Step 3: Wait to die. The truth hurts, enjoy fool! Bwaaaahahahaha!!!