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T-Man Survey


Please give me your opinion on the following averages:

Average American Male Max Lift Figures:

Ages 20-25:
Dead Lift

Ages 45-50:
Dead Lift

Please also include these same figures for the average T-Nation Members.


This is almost impossible to determine, because unless you drag people into the gym you've never seen someone who doesn't go to the gym in the gym, thus you have no idea what the average person lifts.


Duh buddy! That's why he is asking. Just take a damn guess!

I?m gonna say the average guy's numbers are:

bench - 130
dead - 200
squat - 145

i think those are good guesses regardless of the age gap.

T-Nation member numbers

bench - 225
dead - 300
squat - 270

I'm just guessing at averages here. This is the consensus of my roommates and I.


that sounds about right according to my experiencewith our school's 6th form but my school is weak.
I'm 14 (15 next week) so my numbers don't really count here.)
For sake of argument
75kg bench (165lbs?)
85kg squat (180?lbs)
115 deadlift (225 lbs?)


normal people
bench - 135
Squat - 160
Deadlift - 205

Bench - 255
Squat - 365
Deadlift - 405

my guesses


Okay, for the sake of argument, here are my guesses (I'm not including lurkers, because who the hell knows how many there are):

average dude
bench: 130
squat: 165
dead: 225

bench: 225
squat: 225
dead: 300


Bench: 135
Squat: 135
Dead: 185
Snatch: 45
C&J: 85

avg T-Nation guy (considering the amount of newbies around here):
Bench: 185
Squat: 255
Dead: 305
Snatch: 85
C&J: 135


CnJ 85 and snatch 45? that's not very much...I would have thought a bit more at least


consider the fact that the average joe probably would be straining to hold the bar with 85 pounds at his shoulders (instead of rest it on them), and lack the explosiveness and technique to get the most out of the movement, both pulling the bar up, and getting under it, yeah, 45 and 85 sound reasonable to me.

Hell, a lot of guys who train can't even do a single overhead squat with just the bar (not because of strength, but balance and flexibility), how do you expect them to snatch much more than that? You really can't.

The average joe also won't have the confidence in himself (or the ability) to catch the bar on a snatch or clean in a squatted position, which ultimately leads to more weight being snatched and cleaned.

Since their technique will blow, they'll be trying to muscle it up and be doing an 85 pound reverse curl or a 45 pound barbell front delt raise since they just don't know any better.

Then again, who the hell really knows?


I suppose you're right on the technique point. my CnJ and Snatch took off after going from s*** to suck form