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Years ago, I was watching the Eco-Challange on T.V. Every time the show would start, it would have a quote. I was so intrigued that I wrote the show to find out where they got this quote. I lost the letter, but if I remember correctly it came from an old indian proverb:

" ‘The universal language teaches us that mankind as always journeyed into the wilderness to find wisdom and strength - a journey into nature.
"push yourself until the pain comes, until you feel you cannot survive and then go on. Here the ego will let go, here you will be purified.’
"I thought this would be a good T-Man quote. I have it on my wall and read it before my workouts. Does anyone else have a good quote/creed. I would like to add some more to this one. PS No BFL quotes. Thanks in advance

Whats “BFL”, a creed yes. Its a long one though. Ill just give you the last stanza of the creed though.
“Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude to fight on to the Ranger objective, and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor.”

Supposed to be “required to fight on to…”

To Ironmanski: The Ranger Creed is a little long for civilian legs. After all few of them were quizzed on the fine details of the Creed or Roger’s Orders as the waited in the mess line hoping that they could answer the question and that their Ranger buddy would be able to answer his question, less they get dropped and sent to the end of the line.(Class 11-76)
T-man quote: FOCUS
Best of Luck.

Indeed. (Class 10-99)

One for the Airborne Ranger in the Sky!