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T-Man Music

Hey guess what do you consider real T-Man music? I think Joe Satriani kicks butt on the guitar! Especially Crystal Planet, Up in the Sky, and Surfing With the Alien. Many others but those are my favorites as far instrumental rock goes. Opinions please. :slight_smile:

Megadeth – Youthinasia

Instrumental? Try listening to “Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat” Totally commando in every possible way.

Once i get back to school i plan on running an FTP server for everyone to upload and download their fav music, mainly for lifting. I’ll have a sweet T1 connection come the end of august.

Anyone see David Dearth (I think) at the Olympia in 94 (I think) with Lee Haney as MC.

MOTORHEAD, any album
An album forged on the anvil of the L.A. Riots, I’m not an angry black man but Cube is and it comes through so well that it’s just motivational.

Adam Marshall

Drowning pool… “SINNER”…

'nuff said… :wink:

Adam Marshall’s suggestions were all good. AC/DC Live is one of the best live albums made. The music sounds better live than pre-recorded. Predator is good too. Some of the songs are also pretty funny. Another suggestion, depending on what you are into, would be Ramstein. Somewhat repetitive, but hard, and sometimes repetitive is good as far as concentration is concerned.

I like to work out to Yanni or Barry Manilow maybe some NSync if I’m feeling wacky

Have you ever seen Belinda Carlisle in concert? Now that’s good stuff. She has a killer bass man. You also might want to try a little Bananarama, Power Station, or the Christian band, Stryper.

I kinda disagree with Huck. I like Megadeth, but Youthinasia was the only album I didn’t like by them.

For working out, Slipknot, Machinehead, Otep, and all that hard stuff

brotha lynch , darkroom familia, yuk mouth , andre nickatina , low down , ALG ,OSO & K.I.D., DYNO , ANY OF THAT RAW GANGSTA SHIT LOL

I LOVE Slipknot, Mudvayne, System of a Down, American Head Charge, or Disturbed when working out! Not that I don’t love them when I don’t workout…

Man, I love all that music too except howthe hell can u include system of a down in there. The lead singer is such a fucking faggot. The way he sings ruins EVERY song

i work out with garbage’s v2.0 in my cd player.

Godsmack, System of a Down, Drowning Pool, Project 86. D Rock, what school do you go to? Most campus net admins use dynamic IPs, so FTP server wouldn’t be feasible.

Hey, you two, check out my earlier post and tell me what you think of the bands that I listed. They are the finest musicians ever.

Enigma, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Kylie Minogue, Bee Gees, La Bouche, Queen, Cher (new stuff only, none of that happy old Sonny and Cher crap), Celine Dion, and of course, Barbara Streisand…

Scissorfight. A bunch of lunatics in the mountains of New Hampshire who just turn out pure workout music.

MBE: "Unstable when conscious since 1866."


I know how you feel…listen to them a little more and you’ll stop thinking that. I hated that cd the first 20 times I heard it because his voice annoyed me…now I really like it. I guess I’m just looking past it since the music is so fucking great.