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T-Man Lawyer Advice!

whats up guys I was wondering if some of you law guys could give me some advice. Long story short, my GF’s x was released from prison and expected to come back and live with her. She moved on the last year with me. He flipped out made threats, Private I, etc. She got the restraining order, he then requested a court hearing to challenge it, and she lost it. She stupidly threw away letters he wrote with threats and didn’t have the phone calls recorded. He one the case by fabricating typed emails (that she sent< she only wrote him hand letters) they basically said I cant wait to see you when you come out, i miss you. So the judge felt that was great evidence she couldnt prove it wasn’t her that wrote it.

So Now she is worried that he is going to try to come after her for her condo. Where they lived, his name is not on the title or deed but does have some paper trails with money he paid for the parking place. She is worried he is going to falsify documents, make claims that she owes him a bunch of money and maybe lose her place or bring up some dirt that she used a false bank statement to get the loan on her account. This is all beyond my scope of what to do to prepare for his offensive financial swarm. Any input (BESIDES LEAVE THE BITCH) I know I know. SHe paid for the condo (gotthe loan on it)its in her name , she paid closing costs.he paid for the parking spot but potentially will falsify documents and agreements between them. What should she do to protect herself?

I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t see how this is a problem. A woman gets half of a her husbands stuff when they get divorced. These two weren’t even married, and the shit is in her name alone. Unless she hires an incompetent lawyer, or unless she is lying to you about the facts of the case, I don’t see how she has anything to worry about.

I remember you posted about this situation before, and I don’t think you would be much of a man if you ran out on your woman at the first sign of trouble. At the same time, keep your eyes open, don’t let yourself get used.