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T-Man Laundry

I go to footlocker/champs sports and they sell some pretty heavy,good quality T-shirts for 5 for 20 dollars.

diggerent places different deals I am sure but its a good deal

they get soaked and when sitting in a 130 degree car for the rest of the day the ysmell really horrible.
sweat smells like pee after a while

to wash them I wash my workout clothing seperate from the rest of my clothes and I wash with baking soda on top of the soap and stuff
then I run them in another wash cycle,this time white vinegar added.
about 2 cups of eache per cycle.

and then dry on really high heat with fab. softner and they come out smellin nice.

I do this because for a while they would smell clean untill about an hour into my work out they smelled moldy again,this solved any hint of grunge there was.

I also use well water at my house so that may be the moldy smell.

Hang it outside to dry.

The UV-light kills some bacteria and other nasties + you don’t have to use the dryer, so the energybill don’t get too high.

[quote]Artem wrote:
I should get some breathable shirts, but I don’t want to be the asshole in sleeveless Underarmor. [/quote]

Get bigger, you wont feel so self-conscious about it then

I’m trying. I’ve put on 30lbs since the end of the last school year. The few big guys at my gym actually ask me for spots and talk to me though. I don’t want to be another one of those sideways cap, underarmor, mirror curler kids from my school.

My underarmor starts to get a permastink occasionally but then I’ll soak it in a detergent for a few hours, then hot water and detergent, then wash normally and it’s good again.