T-Man gyms in Tampa/Clearwater

Hello, all. Going to be staying in the Tampa area for about 6 months and was wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a solid place to train. Must have squat rack, a place to DL, etc., etc. The less crowded, the better. Thanks!

When I am in Clearwater I use the Wellness center at Morton Plant Hospital. I am normally only there for a week at a time though.
The facility is designed for rehab, but the have a small freeweight section.
There are about 5 guys that use this area. And the facility is open 24 hours.

If you are looking for heavy weight it won’t work for you. I think their dumbells stop at 100#s

I like it cause I can go at 2 in the morn and have my own gym. play my own music etc.

the new Y in north tampa. its clean, and usually empty. DB’s only to 100# though

The Gold’s Gym on McMullen Booth has everything you would need. I trained there for about 4 years (before I moved), and it was probably one of the best gyms I have trained at (and I travel quite a bit, so I see ALOT of gyms). Depending on what time you train, it has variable crowds. If you go during “prime time” (5:00 - 7:00 pm), expect crowds. Otherwise, it is pretty manageable – especially in the a.m.

Anyone else trained or live in Tampa/Clearwater? Thanks for all of the replies so far.