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Whats up T-men? What do you guys eat for breakfast thats low-carb high-protein and quick and easy to prepare?

What you might want to do is what I call “all week cooking” On sundays I go out and buy in bulk and me and the vixen cook all afternoon, then tupperware everything for the week. It means you cleanup once, and you have stuff you can just drop in the nuke or oven. For breakfast, I tend to like lean hamburgers myself, not exactly a breakfast food, but I have never liked many breakfast foods. Another nice trick is to (the night before) take a pot and put half a dozen eggs in it. Set it on the stove, and let it go until it starts to boil. As soon as it starts to boil, turn it off and go to bed. In the morning you have perfect hard boiled eggs ready for you. Quick, easy, and no messing with hot objects when your half asleep! LOL!

Advanced Protein with flax seed oil. All you need is a blender, a spoon, and a glass. If you want to cut down on dishes, skip the glass.

Boiled eggs, a half dozen or so.

one word…eggs

I’ve been on a keto diet for two months and have had bacon and eggs every morning. Works for me.

Eggs are the best and easy to prepare. If you’re a lazy bastard like I am, boil them for seven minutes. And eat the whole thing, not just the white part. The yellow is what’s most important. I get great results in the gym when I eat four to five, maybe six eggs earlier in the day.

40-60 grams of Labrada, Yates or whey protein with two tablespoons of ground flax seed and a tablespoon of Flax oil. I eat my real meal later. Usually oatmeal and a protein drink or egg beater whole grain french toast.

I eat a steak with scrambled eggs. If I feel up to it I’ll make an omelet. I ussually mix three eggs with a quarter cup of skim milk. Then I add cajan pepper with salt and a little regualar pepper. mmmmmmm goooood.

Raw eggs are great and quick.

Grow mixed with 16-20oz skim milk, and a cup of OJ along with my vitamins for the day. It’s quick, easy, low carb and high protein.

I cant eat solid food in the morning. I have to drink protein shakes. Mine have thirty grams of whey and 16 ounces of milk with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. i also take some fish oil and my rugrats multivitamin at this time.

The breakfast formula from protein factory. I got vanilla, but it doesnt taste that good (although its atleast not bitter like hydro). Maybe try the chocolate flavor w/ sucralose. 80 grams worth (about 3 GROW! scoops) gives 6g carbs, 48g of Protein and 12g of Fat. The fats are all from egg yolk, so you get your cholesterol and they claim omega 3s from there.