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T-Man Example

Hey guys,
My friend gave me a link to this dude’s website. A true T-Man. He basically has no limbs but is a wrestler and has played football and other sports. There is even a clip on the site of him training with Louie Simmons (although I couldnt download it). Its pretty cool…check it out


That’s awesome. But I wonder what position he played in football… Also what does he use to type? The website says he types 50 wpm.


“It’s not what I can do; it’s what I will do”

I don’t know about you guys but I could definitely see that belonging in Strong Words.

Kyle is one badass mofo

That’s amazing!! that’s real motovation to get off the couch.


I think this says it all.


If this guy can truly wrestle and play football he is a total badass! That just boggles my mind, most people would just give up if delt those cards, this guy pretty much defines the heart of a T-Man.

Very inspiring. Makes me proud.

There’s truly no limit to what we can achieve when we believe.

I know that sounds like Morpheus from the matrix, but it’s true.