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T-Man Discounts

As part of the new Testosterone Nation, we’re thinking of giving registered citizens (T-men) greatly discounted prices at the Biotest store.

Problem. Tim ran a sale last week as a way of thanking T-maggers for helping us grow into what we are today (that would be one bad ass, trouble-making, cutting edge magazine and supplement company, in case you didn't know!)

Now, a lot of folks stocked up because the sale was limited to one week. Now, we'd like to offer these discounts to everyone who signs up as part of the T-Nation (see my "Testosterone Nation is Coming" post for more info and today's update.) So, is that going to piss you guys off who stocked up?

We have two choices, don't give the T-man discounts so as not to make those people mad, or give the discounts to all who sign up as "citizens" (which is free by the way.)

We can see how that might make some who stocked up angry, but at the same time, are people really going to be pissed because we decided to sell the good stuff at great prices all the time? Give us your thoughts.

First off, let me say that I didn’t stock up. Even if I had, assuming the new prices would be the same, so why would I mind? Either way, I bought the stuff and I’m going to use it. Further, if I had bought stuff I wouldn’t feel that bad because: A. I got the stuff at a good deal this week. B. In the future, I’m going to get the same/better deals! I, personally, think it’s a win-win. Just my opinion.

Hey, knock yourselves out! Go for it! Disappointment is part of life sometimes. We’ll live with it.

I say keep the discount idea for the citizens of the T-nation. I say that if there are t-maggers that really get mad because they stocked up, then they could sell their “surplus” on eBay and make a few bucks. Trust me, people are buying and selling Biotest on eBay.

I’m all for great prices all the time Chris! Especially since I’d love to stock up, but have no cash right now to do so.

A personal mantra of mine is “bargains are ALWAYS good…”

Do what you guys have to do - go for it.

Why don’t you do this if you’re worried about people getting pissed. Although I do agree with Jason…Okay, if you bought $XXX of product during our one time sale you get an additional % point off your next purchase since we are giving it to all members now, ALL the time. Just throw them a little extra bone for spending a little more upfront on discounts we’ll all be getting soon. About the eBay stuff…It’s true, I just bought something called MAG11 and boy did it put a ton of girth on my wang!!

Go for it, great prices all the time sounds good !! Also please add some great prices on Surge!!

Hey, I stocked up abit and was already stocked to begin with. Like they already said, I’m going to use it and I got it a great price, so nothing to be mad/pissed about. GOD knows I am always looking for the best prices on the net. If the discounts continue, I will just continue to enjoy the discounts in the future. Its a win-win situation.

This is a bonus for the T-Folks who got caught at a bad time financially for this week sale, to take advantage of the upcoming sales in the near future.