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t-man code

any submissions for a t-man code-kinda like a guide for making decisions? like the warriors code, but even more manly
like quotes, songs, stealing girlfriends, shit like that
everyone put somethin

t-man code Rule #1: I will not rely on others to provide a detailed ethical code that covers every possible situation, such that I remove all responsibity for thinking myself.

Rule # 2 : Even if you learn how to give yourself a hummer you still need to leave the house to buy eggs.

MBE: “Code red! All systems GROW! Whooo…Cue sirens…since 0066.”

Rule No.3

No matter how good it feels you must always try to balance the size of BOTH forearms.

Rule #4

If you can indeed learn the skill as mentioned in rule #2, find someone who delivers.

CPK: “Laughing at Monkeyboys shit since last Thursday”

Rule #5: Plugging the toilet at your girlfriend’s parent’s home is never a good way to make an impression.

Rule Number 6: Thou shalt not misspell.


Holy crap, dude! I did that once too! It ruled. Oh no, wait; it was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me.

Here are three simple rules that every T-man should live by.

  1. Don’t touch another man’s girlfriend/wife.

  2. Don’t touch another man’s food.

  3. Don’t touch another man’s car.

To add a 4th one to Nate Dogg’s list

  1. Never touch another man’s money.

Don’t scream at the gym unless the weight you’re moving is over twice your own body weight or you just blew out a quad, hamstring, tricep, ACL, eyeball in a traumatic fashion. Stay Safe everybody.


Never touch me, either. You don’t know where I’ve been and I bite.

MBE: “Tetanacious. Sincr 1011.”

Rule # 5 It’s ok to talk about the size of your shit with anybody, especially if you have just had a hip-splitter.

If you’re deaf, never masturbate at work in the second stall on the right every Thursday at 10 am, thinking that no one can hear you. We ALL can and do.

fyi - i learned in sex class that the ratio of men who can practice auto fellatio is 1/1000.

not all girls are good enough to bring you lasagna at work, most of em just cheat on ya
-kevin smith

Brad, where’d you find that picture? That’s simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen.

When I first saw the pic, I was just looking at the helpers and how the bar was on the guys neck. Then I saw the white material on his leg pointing against the floor. It took me a second to realize it was the top of his sock and not his knee brace.
At least the knee brace appears to have done its job.

rule # ?
dont gimme no shit about your hardcore workouts untill you’ve done ct’s ovt leg day.

dcb - you were lied to in your sex ed class. There is no way an auto-fellating man would take time to participate in a survey to find out how many men can perform such a maneuver. The 1 guy out of a thousand who said they could, lied.