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T-Man clothes

Anyone know of a site that sells clothing to fit us T-Men? I’m tired of buying size 42 pants just to get them over my quads. Thanks!

Have you tried cut off sweats?

I’m not sure about pants but some brands make an “athletic fit” for shirts with bigger shoulders and smaller waistlines. Just call around to retailers in your area.

Great question! A little help here from those in the same boat, please. Let’s talk pants/slacks/jeans. I get so beaten trying to find pants that fit a smaller waist and larger hips/butt and legs. Even altering slacks is a beating. It’s tough for me to find slacks that are going to look good altered. Right now in the jean department, I buy Levi 560s and LL Bean Relaxed Fit. For khakis I get Eddie Bauer Relaxed Fit. Usually, as soon as I find something that fits, the style is discontinued, so it’s nice to have some options. Structure discontinued a couple of thier styles of khakis that fit well, so I had to go in serch of something else. Always looking, rarely finding.

Rheingold Fashions – great stuff on the conservative side. Lori Rheingold is a great lady, and works with the customers to get the best fit. I’ve been totally happy with everything I’ve gotten there – jeans, slacks, shirts. Also, if you can find Hannibal Apparel (my old web link is dead), they have great slacks and jackets.