T-Man Armwrestling

I Firmly believe that the next issue of T-mag should contain results from a giant T-mag staff arm wrestling extravaganza. Place your bets here ladies and gentlemen, Do you agree it should happen?, And who do you think would win?, keep in mind you can bet on guest contributors as well, Coach D. or Ian King are fair game. So come one come all put your money on your favorite T-mag staffer. And Hell if this post gets long enough you know they’ll have to do it.

Maybe Dave Tate, Louie Simmons Chad Coy or Coach Davies? Do interviews count?

Hell yeah any former contributor can be pegged as your pick…
By the way maybe we should hold this until Ian King develops his “12 weeks to better Arm Wrestling Program” Perhaps it could start with lots of stretching and ForeArm Flex-ons. My money is on Davies

I had a post published in the reader’s section once. Can I enter? If so, I surely cannot bet against myself.

My money is on Haley from customer service. She eats little boys for breakfast!!!

I think Kris from Biotest Customer Service could put up a good fight! He’s certainly a tough guy so I’m putting the odds on him!

Either Dave Tate or Cy Wilson. Dave Tate is a powerlifter so he is a good choice and Cy is a massive juice-monkey. (no offense intended)

I’d say Dave Tate or Coach Davies, but anything could happen!

I’m going with Pavel.

If you’re going to include former staffers, Ill have to go with Poliquin.


But I suck at arm wrestling... can I be the ring girl? I'll wear my T-Vixen shirt!

Haley from customer service all the way! HAHA, funny you mentioned that I was just talking to her the other day trying to get some product info shipped to my shoppe, very helpful. OF course if haley can enter then we have to include randy the supervisor as well.