T-maggers in Orlando

Anyone else from Orlando / Central Florida? Let’s do this.

What up I know this is an extremely old thread but I am also looking for anyone who works out in O-town looking to get to the grind with some serious training.

World Gym, Oviedo is about as serious as I get (which is to say, not serious enough.)

Well I still have over a year left on my ballys contract on Kirkman Rd. I will be moving to the UCF area this summer and will hopefully get a job at a gym over there and get certified to be a personal trainer.
My gym might not be that hardcore but my current goals are to increase lbm while increasing the lbs I can lift for squats, deads, and bench.
I currently go to the gym on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday/Saturday till I get a second job.
So if anyone is in the area and ready to work towards bigger poundages in those lifts either post on here or write me a pm.
Get big,

Jodgey, what happend to Gville? Did you leave UF and go to O-town?

For anyone in orlando, I just found this gym listed on another forum and it looks pretty damn good. I wish there was a place like this in g’ville


Hey, were any of you guys at the NSCA conference?