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T-magger Special Discount Page

It’s been almost four and one-half years since TC and I launched the first issue of T-mag on the Internet. Now we’re getting ready to post issue #229, and our group has grown from just a handful of T-maggers into a nation of T-men that’s about 1,000,000 strong!

You did this, not TC and me. You’re the ones who, through word of mouth, made our little group grow into the monster site it is. You T-maggers are intelligent, witty, and very supportive. You get involved, and you make a difference whenever and wherever you can. Thank you for being there for us and helping Testosterone grow strong. We really believe we’re in this thing together.

Part of what TC and I always wanted to do through T-mag is to offer our supporters quality sports supplements that are truly novel as well as highly effective. And we believe we’ve done it with Biotest. Additionally, in the past, we’ve mentioned that we’d like to occasionally pass on discounts to you that are extraordinary, thus making the best, freshest, and highest-potency supplements affordable to every VIP T-magger. Up until now that really hasn’t happened.

Well, my friend, it’s happening now – big time, VIP T-maggers! – with prices that are ridiculously low. Check it out.

Currently, we’re planning to leave the page up for only one week. If, however, we see that you appreciate what we’ve done, we’ll do our best to find a way to offer special discounts more often.

Thanks again for all you’ve done for T-mag.

Tim Patterson

Click below for the T-magger Special Discount Page:


Awesome! Thanks, Tim and TC.

Sweet. ‘Bout to place a big ol’ order :wink:

Excellent offers, excellent products. Pity I live in the UK so can’t max out my credit card on grow bars!

Never mind sniff sob :slight_smile:


you beautifull bastards… gonna have to order up some, also a good incentive to try some products I haven’t (powerdrive, grow bars and some others).

This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! You guys are awesome, I hope this continues to happen in the future. I am pretty well stocked up on Biotest SUPPS but at these incredible deals, I’m going to have to stock up a little more. It figures this would happen now. But I still love it, Thanks again and GOD Bless!!!

Continued success in everything you do! Also good article on David Tua, may other stories like this continue to happen soon.

Sincerely, AJ

I noticed that under the special prices, there is a sign that says 250+… does that mean, the deal applies to orders at 250 and above?

Bobu, that means that if you order over $250 you’ll receive an additional discount, just an added incentive to order more! :wink: hehehe!

Hope that helps! Later, AJ

mine isn’t working. After i put in my quantity and click add to cart the checkout screen appears. So i press the checkout button and it brings me to a screen where i need to login in (but i’m already logged in right?). So i put my email and password in and press login in but then my cart total goes back to zero and i can’t get the special discounts. any solutions?

Nivek, you have to click in from the the link in the Email to get to the right place. Also I think you should see if you have cookies enabled to remember your VIP Id when you get the correct link. I hoped, I’ve helped you. Good luck and take care.

If it still doesn’t work, please email fb@t-mag.com to give you further assistence. Later, AJ.

Nivek, I just experienced what your talking about but just click on your BACK bottom until you get to the right page again. You can also just click on all the products you want and adjust the quantity at check out. Hope I helped you. AJ

Listen Tim, this is great and the prices are awesome, but what about us guy who live overseas and haven’t been able to become VIP members? I tried to do it over a year ago and was told that it only applies to people living in the states. I always have to order Biotest products at the hefty, pocket-draining UK prices from a company in London. The products are great, but those prices kill me every time. Whenever I come to the states to see family, I have to stock up. Can I become a VIP member and just give my parents’ address in the states?

I think it is time for us Brits to say bollocks to the EU and try and become a new state in the US! Bring on the Biotest goodies! (only joking before I get flamed back to the stoneage!)

Actually Gary while I think about it you might want to try www.creatinestore.co.uk. They sell some Biotest products and are a pretty good service.

Great, I just ordered stuff from DPS last week. Dont have the cash right now, but hopefully U guys will continue to offer these discounts. peace

Thanks, Tim!

Just ordered 8 boxes of grow bars. Dear Yahweh these things are good…

Hi Gary.

We are about to launch a website selling the full range of Biotest Products. It’s our intention to offer several discounted deals which will hopefully let UK customers enjoy similar multibuy benefits to the US site.

Being a Biotest fan myself you could say I have an ulterior motive in all this! :wink:

Drop me a line to lorian@proteinfactory.co.uk and i’ll be happy to let you know when we go-live.


Just wanted to say thanks guys. Perfect timing too as the bulking season has arrived. Time to stock up!!!