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T-Mag vs. Pavel?


Did I miss something here?

It seems that all of a sudden there is a lot of Pavel bashing on this website by trainers and posters. I always thought he was respected around here and was even interviewed.




I don't really see that. In fact, Shugs just gave Pavel's new stretching DVD an 8 rating and said it had good info, but that it was pricey. That phrase describes most of Dragon Door's products - good info, but pricey.


Actually, 1BADMF is right. There has been a "noticable" amount of negative remarks toward Pavel. I wouldn't call it bashing, but definitely a couple of jabs. I was actually going to post a similar concern last week.

I can't quote the exact articles or post, except for the last mag review "Hotties, Livertabs, and Cops on Roids" by Canis Dirus(Unless he was referring to another Pavel)

But, everyone is entitled to opinions and the freedom to constructively criticize.


I think I remember an Atomic Dog or something where TC mentioned that he had asked Pavel to write an article and Pavel turned him down saying something about him not sniffing panties. I could be mistaken but I think that is the origin of the Pavel "panty-sniffer" comments.


I remember an article in which TC interviewed Pavel, and in part II Pavel made a crack about T-Nation I think. I'm guessing it's just retaliation.

From what I've read, he's definitely the type of guy that just attracts bashing. Smart guy, but certainly very opinionated.


Haha! The infamous "panty-sniffergate" incident! TC uses this phrase alot, as Pavel used it in reference to this site. Keep bumping this thread up and TC will fill you in I bet. I wish I could remember the name of that article, but its in the archives (I know, big help. Sorry).


There was a little for a while there but it seems to have died. I doubt that it is just because it is Pavel though. No one is immune around here. See the reaction to Poliquins article on his eastern style classification system of athletes using natural elements. Holey Moley did some people go bonkers with that.


Unclench Your Butt Cheeks By TC:


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