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T-Mag Update!

In this week’s issue:

“Bad Boys?” by TC

“Reflections on Celibacy” by Maureen T-Vixen

“The Cardio Roundtable” featuring Lonnie Lowery, Don Alessi, Charles Staley and Christian Thibaudeau. Moderated by Chris Shugart

“Rapid Fire” by Christian Thibaudeau

“High Steaks” by Lonnie Lowery

“Ghost Dog” by The Ghost

Reader Mail

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Where did Maureen T-Vixen come from? I love this mag, and most of the sex-related articles are hilarious and thought provoking… but god damn, that sure was a piece of garbage.

good call ryno…

I agree. That was the most self-glorifying piece of garbage I’ve read in a long time. She wants an intellectual buff? She should read what she writes and see if she’s qualified to get one.

No JOKE!!! If I want to hear corny sex talk from some poor girl with severe mental problems who isn’t even good looking… agh… couldn’t I just call a hotline or cheap mag or just click off of tmag and onto any other site out there?

This clearly stands apart from all the other material on this site. Let’s just hope it was a one time event.

I just got done reading the “Bad Boys” article. What a pile of shit. Whoever the stength coach was, should have just beaten the shit out of those writers. They want to bitch about supplements and steroids being so evil?? Yet, these guys probably smoke, drink, and have no concept of nutrition. Ha ha ha. What the hell have I been doing all these years? All this planing regarding training, eating, and supplements?? What a waste. I’m an idiot. At the end of the article TC says something about not wanting to be mediocre. Why not? Let’s be like every other misinformed person out there who probably uses the squat rack for barbell curls(with 5’s on each side)and thinks that cleans refer to the dust in your house. Oh, and that part about Charlie Francis was great. Ya, that guy is the devil. It’s funny, because people still assosiate him most with Ben Johnson. That, and the fact that he had the balls to stand up and say that most top athletes juice. Ya, ok??? That’s supposed to be a big suprise?? When he said that I respected him more. Why be like all the other guys who lie, and say they don’t juice? Have some T and admit it. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. Then again, what do I know?

I’ll fifth that.


(trying to bring up a positive)

Thought the “Cardio Roundtable” was a excellent read. Very well done and was published in perfect timing. Bravo for that.

Yeah, I forgot to mention…I thought the cardio round table was brilliant. If it hasn’t been done before, an indepth discussion of HIIT would be very interesting. Ie: what is the optimal ratio of training to rest that maximizes calorie expenditure a.) during the exercise and b.) during the rest of the day.


It is obvious what Michelle needs, and for all the wrong reasons.


That was Maureen and not Michelle.


Of course! The Cardio Roundtable was awesome. :slight_smile: The only person missing from the expert roster was JMB cuz I’d have liked to know what he thought.

Duh!! So it is.

What irritated me about the Celibacy article was not it’s content (if you don’t like it, don’t read it) but that it replaced some more worthwhile training/nutrition/inspiration article.

right musashi

ignorance is never a bliss

Guys guys guys … slow down a bit! Obviously not all articles will be to your liking. But for one I liked the article, mostly because I can relate to what’s in it (some parts at least) and I believe that we can all do to some extent.

I understand why this article was received negatively by some of you. However it sure was thought provoking and I’m sure that many actually found it to be quite good, or at least an interesting read.

The problem with what I call “subjective” articles, i.e. articles not about training methods, diets or supplements/drugs but rather about life, sex and opinions, is that what is said can be downright offensive to some while being quite bening for others. Hey, even TC and Chris S who wrote several editorials received their fair share of criticism, but the fact remain that the goal of an editorial piece is to stirr passions, and start some debates. Obviously you won’t get the same thing as you would with a training article (lucky me, nobody ripped appart my “Rapid fire” article!) but if you read it with an opened mind, you might actually enjoy it!

One last comment, writing an article is very hard. Especially when you have to write for a special audience with preferences and expectations. At first I thought that this writing thing would be a breeze. But most of you don’t know that I had about 7 articles rejected by TC before he actually published one! So if you think you can do better, why not put your head on the block and submit something … after all, what would a T-man do? Whine and criticize or act?

“I understand why this article was received negatively by some of you. However it sure was thought provoking and I’m sure that many actually found it to be quite good, or at least an interesting read.” – CT

It was? They did?

I don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about! I mean sure this is a manly site but who in their right mind doesn’t like a girl who can throw down in the gym and then take a poo-hole-pluggin’ when you get home to shower(after a surge of course)

Yes, let’s not forgot that even though we got one crappy article this week, we got several other great ones - for FREE! Especially Cardio Roundtable and Rapid Fire. I hope those killer articles don’t get ignored because everyone is focusing on the sex article.


I understand what you’re saying about writing articles and it not being easy. But there was is a huge difference between your articles and the one everyone is bitching about. That being, your articles are educational. Even if someone doesn’t agree with your training methods, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn from your articles. I highly doubt anyone learned anything from the “Big WOF (waste-of-bytes)” article this week. And the fact that they rejected 7 of your articles and ran this crap is ridiculous.