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“Running Man” by Christian Thibaudeau

“Protein Prejudice” by John Berardi

Shaved Swedish Babes in Hot Lesbo Action!
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“Heavy Metal” by Ian King

“Your Doctor, Your Dealer, Version 2.0” by Doug Kalman

Atomic Dog by TC: Letters From Hell

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Thanks for the update. I sort of forgot about HIIT for months (More like wussied out of it), and tried it again today. I had a pump in my legs right afterwards, and now they’re sore. :slight_smile:

Hey perfect, I was going to start a thread to ask this question about “Running Man” by Christian Thibaudeau and the section about “Losing Fat”.

In the past I’ve always used a version of what he calls “IBUR” but recently went to the Interval Running for like the last four weeks. Now, unless I’ve all the sudden started eating in my sleep, I sure as hell wasn’t losing any fat although my cardio system was sure gett’n a frigg’n work out with doing it 6 days/week. But what the F has been going on? Anyone know?

In the past I’ve always had my wife trying to sell me the 70% MAX HR line and I would brush her off thinking “No way, the HIIT will surely burn more in the long run”. So, then I printed out all of Berardi’s articles and started go’n to school and decided to take is opinion but at 70 % MHR, I’m doing like 4.5 on a tread mill and hardly breaking a sweat. Boy, talk about emasculating!!

My point is, was there actually any merit when this funny look’n old bow-legged guy who once told me that after a certain level of high intensity the body starts to go into flight mode and starts to conserve energy. Could I possibly being doing this with 20 Min of HIIT?(Fast walk/Sprints @ 1:1, 2:1 & 3:1) I find it hard to imagine that afterwords I wasn’t burning more fat than ketogenic freek.