T-Mag Staff and The Top Bodybuilders

To the “T-Mag” staff; do you have any evidence (actual OR anecdotal) that Top Level competitors frequent this site and perhaps post under an alias? (Certainly a million hits would increase the odds)! Just curious about any “tidbits” you might share with us.

I talked to lot of known guys at the Arnold and they all talked about reading the weekly mag. Not sure if they post on the forum or not though. As amazing as this seems, most pro bodybuilders aren’t big knowledge seekers when it comes to training and diet. Their genetics are so good and most are so “enhanced” that they can get away with training just about any old way. Therefore, they seldom go looking for special routines. Listen to them talk about training and you’ll hear them spout things that have been disproven by science for years. Watch some of their videos and you’ll see the worst form ever used by a human being in the gym (maybe because they’re using heavier weights than normal since they know they’re being filmed.) Still, they’re huge.

I think it was Dan Duchaine that said the pros would rather just buy more drugs than pay an expert for a diet consultation or whatever. All that said, there are a few out there who do keep up with the latest training and dieting strategies, but most coast on great genetics and massive amounts of drugs.

I agree with Chris. Most of the guys who got to be pros did so largely through great genetics and great drugs (sure they’re trained hard, but you get my point). As such, they never were great seekers of knowledge, and the only reason many of them read newsstand mags is to see if their pics are featured.

Also, and I hate to say this, a lot of writers in our field are guilty of this. They get into a mindset where they feel they don’t need to read anything that isn’t a journal article anymore. In fact, I doubt that many of T-mag’s writers read articles written by the other T-mag writers.

TC - as a T-Mag contributor and as someone who seeked to be such, I was motivated by what I was reading on the site by the stable of good writers with unique takes on many topics. From Real Dolls to the Limping workout series, the mag interests me. As for other mags, they are always worth glancing through and some reading (usually bathroom or pool reading though), but it is obvious when flipping thru a MD or Flex, who they are shadowing in the new style.