T-Mag Paper Issue #3: Fat Fast Info

After searching through some very old posts I discovered that paper issue #3 had some information about coming off the Fat Fast diet?

I don’t have the issue (or any others, for that matter, bloody Australia!) and would like to know what the article said about ending the FF?

This information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =)

this was covered in the online mag some time in the last couple of months, I think in one of John Berardi’s columns.

You can also order the back issues (well, #'s 2 & 3… not #1) from netrition.com for something like $4 or $5 each. I did, and I got them in perfect condition 4 days later. Cost me $12 (I think) for both issues, with shipping.

I guess it goes without saying that shipping to Austrailia would, most likely, cost extra… unless netrition has a distributor there… I dunno.

I found it in JBs column on this site, however, the question covered is that of somebody coming off the Atkins diet after an entire year. JB recommends a 6 week transition phase which seems quite sensible. However, I can’t see this being applicable to the FF diet.

I don’t plan on ordering the back for a few reasons - value for money (Australia) and the fact that by the time it reaches me, the need for the information will be very much past!!!