T-mag on Today Show

I didn’t see it, but someone called me and said that T-mag was mentioned on the Today show this morning in a segment with Marion Jones.

If anyone saw it, let us know the details here. Thanks!

Actually I saw you guys, not T-Mag, but biotest, not verbaly mentioned on CNN but when they were talking about PH’s, Ephedra etc and how “deadly” the are, and how easy it was to get them, they had your website up… i wanted to throw my TV out the window. The play the whole industry as killers.

NOTE spelling may suck in this post… but… i dont mind if you dont… and it takes an artist to spell a word more then one way

Didn’t see it, but that would be VERY cool and FREE marketing for the new price breaks!

I’ll do some research.

Saw it, Katie Couric questioned Marion Jones about her work with Charles Francis. I guess Jones is claiming Francis spiked her nutritional support with illegal banned substances. Couric targeted Francis’ colorful past with Ben Johnson and even writing for a magazine called “Testosterone”) She asked her what do you expect working with someone with that background?

Basic mainstream steroid witch hunt stuff.


It sounds like a typical media bs job on an industry that has a few idiots in it, but many more credible people and companies. However, as usually the media forgets to divulge these important aspects of the story.

Thanks for the details, Sammy!

High comedy.

Not according to Charlie Francis and his website.

Man, Charlie takes too much abuse.

your mind will be cheez-whiz if you watch that ‘fluff’


fuck me sideways the lay media is shit
(I dont count T-mag as lay media, mostly cuz it gives citations so we can decide how valid the info is)
theres a newspaper in the UK called the Independant which used to be really impartial and generally didnt print BS but its gradually getting more gossipy and “we dont want this we dont want that”
biotest shud start a tv channel called like, Channel T or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Channel T sounds good…But I wouldn’t be suprised if after a few weeks it turned into a porn channel.

What a win-win situation!

Proper lifting and nutritional information and porn all in one channel.Sounds like a license to print money to me.Where can I sign up?