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T-mag Newsstand Issues

I’ve noticed quite a few threads with people wanting to get their hands on back issues of the paper version of T-mag. That’s tough to do as the old issues are getting pretty rare.

Anyway, I thought I’d provide a guide to all nine issues so people will know what they need to complete their collection. Maybe with the PM feature, people can do trades.

And before anyone asks, nope, done of mine are for sale, although I do have two copies of that coveted first issue. However, for those attending the Dallas/Fort Worth training session with Chad Waterbury and myself, I’ll be bringing free copies of issues 9, 6 and 7, which I had extras of.

Love the one in the middle! Great cover art!

The new action hero looking ones are my faves so far.

I agree with TEK.

I have all except for issue #1…anyone selling?

Someone shoulda told us they were gonna become collectors items.

It seems I have all but 7 and 9 (including #1, har!), which should be easy to get ahold of…