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T-mag Newbie Resource

As I routinely get some questions from people about lifting and training, I ended up putting together a webpage with the articles I thought were the best to help people out. I was wondering what you guys thought, good choice of articles, need more, less? I originally made it for a friend in st. louis but since have redesigned it some, and will start telling people about it when I see them next week. Thanks for the input. www.geocities.com/ d_d_kuhl/dklifting.html

Great job. I’m the T-mag guru for all my lifting buddies, so I’m always searching through the archives for articles that can help them. You just streamlined the process. Many thanks, BA.

Looks fantastic. We should definitely bookmark this thread for newbies. You might also be wise to include some stuff from Intensity Magazine (Kelly Baggett’s BCAA/Glutamine articles are great), johnberardi.com (some of his stuff wasn’t featured in T-Mag), and charlespoliquin.net (among others). Thanks again!

Thanks guys. Classes eased off me for a little bit so I had some time do put it all together. Hopefully it’ll help, and I thought it would be a good resource for newbies. I haven’t looked too much at berardi’s website, and I wanted to keep it as basic as I could with t-mag as not to confuse them. But I’ll have to take a look at those other sites. Thanks for the props.