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T-Mag Gym

I was just reading through some posts when a thought came to me. Imagine if all the regulars here on this forum were members at the same gym? That would be the ultimate. We could blast our bodies(without having to worry about someone curling in the squat rack or ATTEMPTING to do tricep kickbacks with 60lb dumbells, ugh!!) and after our workouts, discuss the irongame while downing our Surges. I imagine there also wouldn’t be one of those “Ladies Only Areas”. I don’t think any T-Vixens would be caught dead in those rooms! Anyway, just thought I’d post my thoughts, but you got to admit that would be one heck of a gym!

It sure would.

Who knows, anything can happen.

I always think it is funny that my wife is one of the few women that goes into the free weight room. We train together, but I think she’d be back there even if I wasn’t. A lot of women seem to be intimidated to go back there.

Surge, on tap.


Nice idea, but there’d be hundreds of us lined up to use the single squat rack :wink:

Gosh, loopfit, no fair. I be female, and I like to squat and deadlift. And I’m finally able to do unassisted pullups and weighted dips.

You’re not going to relegate me to the machine section of the gym, are you, with all the other soccer moms? Gosh, I even sweat as much as some of you guys when I work out!

CGB: Single squat rack?-What are you whacked? Maybe Bally’s could get away with that but I’m envisioning an entire wall faced with squat racks. Like Ike, I’m drooling almost as much about the squat racks as I am about the “Surge on Tap”.Mmmm…Surrrrrgge.
Tampa: Good to hear from you again!-I haven’t seen you post in a while and thought you might have abandoned us. Your advice is highly regarded 'round here.

It could happen…

And since no idiots would be allowed, keycards would be needed to swipe at the enterance to gain access. The reading mechanism would be linked directly to the t-nation database. Fun.

An entire wall of squat racks? I’d be in f*#@ing heaven.

That would be the life!

Let’s all keep wishing. Who knows.

Not sure if this has been said before but how would the dream T-Mag gym be kitted out and what would the layout be; any cardio, seperate cardio room/area, which machine in which brand, floor area for class based w/out, type of dumbell, shop, cafe, BAR!?, floor area (sq ft), height of ceiling, one floor or multistorey, parking, lighting/natural light, running track, wet facilities-pool, steam, sauna, hot tub which brings me to mixed training I do believe that the gym has to be female friendly if only to make going to the gym a pleasant experience.

Gray: Good to see some people are taking this further!-Definately would have to be “Vixen Friendly”. Though I don’t socialize much while training, I do definately like to look. There definately would have to be an Olympic Lifting area and as much natural light as possible and no fluorescent tube lighting at night, you know the ones that make your skin look the complexion of a corpse! A quality Glute-Ham Bench and Reverse-Hyper Bench are a must and chains and stretchbands use, will be encouraged. Imagine, a facility where bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters could all get along. WOW!

I would want a “backyard” filled with sandbags, huge tires, climbing ropes, kettlebells, sleds, rocks and odd objects.

Ironmind grip devices. A boxing gym on the premises. Mats for martial arts training.

Tons of lifting platforms, enough for all the T-men and vixens to have and use. Good powerlifting bars and olympic bars that are well marked and kept separate. Dumbells going up to at least 120. Preferably 200. (Not that I can use those bad boys… but a man’s got to have something to shoot for.)

Pool, and track for cardio. Climbing gym on premises.

…and the T-Man lecture hall, where the greats come for guest lectures.


“…and the T-Man lecture hall, where the greats come for guest lectures.”

We should get a planning team together, find a suitable location and get started!

That would be great!

“T-Nation Hardcore Gym”

The Olympic lifing area and squat racks would have cameras linked to viewable monitors and vcr’s. Bring your own tape, pop it in, and record your form. Drop the tape off at the front desk and for a fee, you could have a qualified strength coach critique the tape.

That would be heaven!! Where I workout, not many people talk about the “iron game” all that much. It would be worth it to me just to be able to converse with someone else about nutrition, weight training programs, etc! Alas…one can dream can’t he?