T-Mag Freestyle

threw away a lotta rice and bean sides on my way to gettin’ lean
gave a lot of awkward eyes walkin’ by smith machines on the way to benchin 315
lotta joints that hurt, lotta fish oil burps, (eww), lotta chicken breasts and tuna packets
but if it’s between big macs and single digit body fat, that shit you can mc-have-it,
been loggin on to T-mag for a minute now, gotta a lotta good advice from chad and em,
on leg day they got me staggerin’, but in the forum got nothin’ but thanks for em,
got defranco to thank-o’ for breakin’ outta paper weights and squattin wit big boy tate,
livin’ in Cali I got no hate, but Louie’s guys got the whole country screamin “Westsssside!” as of late,
gotta give props to the T-mag vets, ain’t no one formula for success,
but mine includes speed sets, xvests and chicken breasts,
you boys got me ready for summer, for that gotta thank ya all all that I can,
showin up to barbeques wit a six pack ain’t made a bottles or cans

haha awesome…i love it

Pretty good, pretty neat.

Go Bugga…Go Bugga…Go Bugga

hahaha, thanks guys, I’m so white…feel free to add somethin’

Bugga spittin that hot fire like DYLAN! Hopefully I don’t spit the weak ish.

T-mag is the place to enhance the human race. Quarter squats are a disgrace, I put light weights in there place.

Parrellel or ass to grass, when I squat, I do em fast. Bis and tris, I do em last. I like a good pump before my class.

Oly lifts and power cleans made me the man in New Orleans. Now I’m seein Penn State scenes, 600 dead lift got me splitin seams.

I look good nekked, I look good clothed, I look good period, I’m T-Man swole. I workout hardcore, no Gym of Gold’s.

Red Bands and Alpha Male str8 make you a beast. All love WBC even in da East.

I study kinesiology, my meathead philosophy, non T-maen don’t bother me, I got steroid psychology.

T-Nation ain’t a country, but we’re an army. Non lifters wanna harm me, but they gotta swarm me. Cuz when I’m at a party, their chicks are all up on me.

Just a few rhymes, from this muscular brain or mine, PM me some time, if ya’ll wanna kick some rhymes.

Keep it real

not as much of a rhyme as it is one of those “weird girl with the piece of paper and cigarette yelling into the mic” kind of poems:

it’s beautiful, feeling testosterone run through the bones and joints right down to the lone sight of strength, feeding the heart and the brain, it’s amazing how the mane can rise like a lion when i’m tryin’ to push my max in the squat back up to the top, i can’t stop the burn, can’t catch my breath, sometimes i feel lost but i can learn from the best, these men know more than what 100 years of experience could only teach me, it’s fun, free, hard to stop but easy not to begin, until something from within picks me up and carries me to the gym, i lift and sweat, bleed and sometimes cry, but no matter how hard i try there’s always more that can be done the next time, as sure as the sun will rise in the east, the beast will evolve in all of us, we can handle our lives and problem solve because we’re t-men, one and all.

yeah yeah, you guys rock, nice responses…vit T, especially like the line about bein t-man swole, lol…

Take the weight off your shoulders,
step back from the rack.
God you look good,
but youre wanting to yak.

Face turns pale
and your blood runs cold.
All the blood in your legs
is making them grow.

People, stoping, staring,
some people swearing.
Look at those plates,
that’s alot of load bearing.

Eyes stuck on you
like it’s some kind of glue.
Step up mother fuhker,
its time for Round 2.

Am I just that good that I run off all the competition? Perhaps, it is that I am that bad. No, that cant be. Can it?

I mean, are you are going to sit there and tell me that a boot wearing, white boy from Texas silences the masses?

As a lyricist and Alpha Male can’t walk away from a challenge to drop more hot rhymes.

Look at my bar bend, hear the weights clank. I’m the Incredible Hulk, I skip stones with tanks.
No pain, no gain, no neck, and big pecs. Thats why your girl said I had rocks for a chest.
After a workout, some GROW! I’ll be mixin. I gotta stay hot so I can get a T-Vixen.
If you lift next to me, I’ll crush your self esteem. I don’t use a bar to squat, I use a Pittsburgh steele beam.
Haters say, I lift big cuz I pop Methyl 1-T. They’re all punk bitches that can’t survive my GPP.
Who’s da baddest cowboy? Bigbugga, Bigbugga! Who wants to follow ThumperTX? 1 other, bad mutha.
His name’s Vitamin T, I’m diesle fa reazzle. My rhymes are arson fire, illegal, illegal!

And 1

Come on, anyone with any rhyming ability whatsoever, STEP UP. It’s not like this is serious. Live a lil.

Vitamin T, my T-Brother,
droppin’ it like its hot.

Stands up like no other,
he’ll show you what he’s got.

Skips tanks like stones,
You can hear the ladies moan.

When he walks in the room,
and he’s still not full grown.

Need your daily Vitamin,
he aint skared to step up.

But compared to big Thump,
ol’ Vitamin’s still a pup.

Keeps his tail 'tween his legs,
when Thumper comes round.

Throw him an evil glare and
Vitamin’s wetting the ground.

Vitamin’s on his way,
it’ll just take a little time.

So you wanna be like Thumper,
well son, GET IN LINE.

(Yea, so what if I can only rhyme every two lines)

OOOOOOOOOOH!!! T-Nation, I think we have a battle on our hands. And according to South park rules, after 2 serves, IT’S ON!

Act like you know punk, and stop your starrin, stop your sizin up and your comparin.

Because you’ll never be able to surpass me, just ask brotha Thumper in texas and Vitamin T.

Oh yea, dont forget BigBugga, another T-brotha, A strappin, sixpackin, big mutha f**ka.

You see I own you, bitch, face the facts
you cant even touch my warm up, let alone my max.

Now load up my bar so you can see
Hey, aint that your girl? OOOOH! She’s comin to see me.

Damn dawg you might as well go
Log on to T-mag, order some Alpha and Grow!

This free style fun just got serious,
I did a double take to make sure I was hearin this.
ThumperTX, I’m a lil curious,
did you just lose your mind or were you always dilerious?

Yeah I’m not grown yet, ain’t tapped the full potential.
But me be like you? You should copy my work out with a pencil
In case you make a mistake
and you’re too sore so your muscle keep you awake.

I’m an esscential vitamin, you need me everyday,
but after leg day, you proably need Ben-Gaye.
Go for it, shoot me a stare and I’ll look into your soul.
How does it feel to be scerred of a kid that’s 20 years old?

Let’s get back to you bein the big.
You’re spittin crazier stuff than TC tryin to get free coffee on his web log.
But you’re not TC, you’re Shugs around me.
I’m your Tim Patterson, I tell you when to pee.

My dead lift brings all the girls to the gym
and they’re like, VT’s stronger than him."
Damn right, I’m stronger than him
This battle, I’ll definately win.

It’s all love bro cuz we both rep the South,
but when you rhyme with the Big Dawg, you better watch your mouth.
Or you’ll get put in your place like 2.5 pound plates after I stop laughing at the little light weights.

At the end of my first post, I said, “Keep it real.”
I’m ready to take any anyone to show Vitamin T is the real deal.
We’re Brothers of Testosterone, so I know how you feel,
but if you flex next to me, you’ll look scrawnier than Ally McBeal.

I’ll take on all challenegers, anybody else wanna go?
Ya’ll can’t handle my rhymes, lifts, or even cardio.
Like Thump said, I make the ladies moan,
so I’m off to a party. Give this Dawg a bone.

Bigs ups to K-Train for jumpin in w/ the hotness. Come on ya’ll, keep em comin. I know ya’ll got skillz.

'Sup t-bros, just kickin it down
lothario, straight outta muthafukkin T-town

Now I’m a T-man and I say it with pride
I’ll say it out loud, like Tate benches Westside

Cut to tha jam, just walked in tha gym
“Look it’s L – and he’s brought his girlies with him!”

But ain’t no sweat, I’m not here to play
Got a date with a power rack, it’s muthafukkin squat day

And when I squat bitches, it’s down to the floor
Cuz when I’ve done three sets, I’m in for seven more

So go ahead tubby, go ahead and stare
You don’t like my ink, but I don’t fukkin care

Cuz Saturday mornings, while you’re watching yo cartoons
I’ll be bangin’ your wife – in tha back of tha locker room!

But nuff of that G’s, cuz it’s time to ease
Gotta rack the 45’s, and go spot for my honeys

Cuz when they go down, I gotta watch that ass
Gotta grab those hips till tha stickin point’s passed

And you know that she ain’t gonna argue with me
When I put my jimmy jam all up in her pizzy!

Now squattin’s over, the guns don’t get a nap
No stoppin, veins poppin out like a fukkin road map

These fukkers they stare – don’t believe what they see
“Don’t mess with that dude, he’s a P.I.M.P.”

But cool it, bros, cuz it’s time to chill
Y’all just keep it all up on the real

Gonna pump till I die, man I’d thought you’d know
L to the O,T,H, ario.

K-train: this is some funny shit.

“You see I own you, bitch, face the facts
you cant even touch my warm up, let alone my max.”

That line cracked me the hell up. Keep bangin’!

Hey, Loth, my brother, eloquant use of the word “pizzy”,
thanks for trying, don’t call us, youre making this too easy.

Now cool down, chill, just funnin’ ya bro,
its not like I know her, but your girls a

whoa, back to the matter on the tip of my tongue,
compared to a lot of sacks here we’re all still very young.

Got lots to learn, we got lots to teach,
I don’t mean to interrupt but its my time to preach.

Come my lambs, come follow your leader,
Thumper 3:16 says Im at the top of this meter.

I know your thinking Ronny or maybe Mariusz,
but in the back of your mind youre saying Thump’s bigger than all of us.

I got 145’s in each hand, pounding 4 sets of six,
come on now boys, its time to work out, now stop measuring

dictionary’s will show, you just look in the right place,
when youre Thumping your gal, you’ll remember this face.

I could have been there before, again you come in second place,
ooh, that stings a little doesnt it, Thumper’s spewing mouth mace.

Props to you for showing up, and with this im not lying,
you get a gold star for effort, but um, thank you for tryin’.

K-Train and Vitamin show u, blow u, stand tall,
hey wait, wheres bigbugga, T-brother went AWOL.

Maybe I am delirious, maybe waking up from a dream,
yeah, you were there, and you were there, and pointing finger I made your girl scream.

Well, gotta get to work, they aint paying me to rhyme,
but this is pretty fun, Im having a good time.

peep this yall here we go
big props to Vit-T and Lothario
for bringin the heat to the T-mag show
tellin the world so that you know
liftin the big weight is how you grow

thats right yall Im the ultimate throwdown
what Im about to deliver you cant hold down
i know that you’re scared so you better take a step down
cause I dont have time for some weak clown

walked into the gym just the other day
couple of shorties standin in my way

the said “hey T-man whats your name”?
I flashed em the grill said “Im the K-Train”

so all aboard and take my hand
I’ll show you the way to the promised land

into the gym all the way to the back
step into my office better known as the power rack

I’m unrackin and stackin the plates as I’m mackin
your yakkin and jackin your jaw you must be slackin

no necks and flexed pecs step up to the plate because your next tex

givin respect to the coaches west to east
and that mad canadian known as The Beast

throwin the heavy makes us big and scarry
doin ABBH like coach Waterbury

feedin the machine like a farrari
into the kitchen with coach berrardi

Shugs and TC throwin down the sic blog
showin the nation how to be the big dawg

if you dont know then sit up and listen
because the nation has surly risen