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T-Mag exercises from this week's issue

Ok, I thought I’d toss in a few exercises from this weeks selection on my back and hamstring workout last night. I started off with the overhand mid-grip seated row from Christian’s article. I have been doing mostly low-row variations for some time now, so doing a row that hits my middle back was a welcome change. I did a warm up set and three working sets and let me tell you, I have never felt such intense stimulation in my back. I felt like I had been simultaneously kicked in the gut and punched in the back and that feeling increased the longer I held the contraction.

Next up was some of Coach Davies’ hamstring suggestions. I already do several of these on a weekly basis, but I thought I’d try the Waiter’s Bow. This is really only good for me to warm up with, since a 45 pound plate doesn’t give me much in the way of resistance, but it did give me a decent warm up

Next I tried the Romanian deadlifts, which I generally do anyway, but this time I used dumbells, which really worked on my grip strength. Anyway, I got a great ham pump and my arms were pretty tired after these.

I then tried a really wide stance (knees bent at approx 15 degrees) on the good mornings for a change and it gave me one of the best ham stretches I’ve ever gotten.

So, thought I’d let people know my experiences with a few of these. Hope this is useful.