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T-mag Does Dallas

Date: Saturday, August 23th

Location: Dallas, TX

Needed: DFW T-men and T-vixens

Event: Train with Coach Chad Waterbury and Chris Shugart. Learn a lot. Bleed profusely.

Details: T-mag is doing an article series tentatively titled “In the Trenches” where we go in the trenches with one T-mag writer to see what it’s like to train with him, what we can learn etc. Readers are invited to come play with us in an area gym and be featured in the article as the coach puts you through the paces and teaches you a few of his secrets.

Cost: One bucket of sweat, payable at end of training session. (In other words: free. Why free? 'Cause we’re cool like that.)

More info coming soon. Sign up here if you want to participate. Spaces are limited.

I am interested. Do you need any personal information about possible participants?

Sign me up!

I’m interested.

Sounds like a lotta fun.

What about Houston?

Very possible.

i am interested, too

Free training from not one but two of the featured writers at TMag!? All right outside my doorstep? Am I in?

Oh yeah I’m there!

I’m there! Count me in!

I am up for this. Location?

Does anyone know how much a ticket from Portland to Dallas runs?

So this is what it takes to bring DFW-ites out of the woodwork??

Oh, and I’m in, of course. Given that I’m closer to DFW, CHris, let me know if either you or Chad need anything, and I’ll be happy to take care of it.

Just to clarify, this isn’t an offical “seminar” or anything, just a chance for forum readers to train with a great T-mag contributor, Chad Waterbury, and help me start a new article series.

Of course, you will learn a ton and everyone will leave with a T-mag T-shirt, some Grow! bars and a copy of the newest paper mag. Just a special reward for dedicated T-mag readers and especially those who read the forum.

Chad and I were planning on getting together to destroy half of Dallas and eat the other half anyway, so we just thought we might as well get some readers involved and maybe kickstart the DFW T-cell!

ironic - No, no info needed. We’ll PM you later though to confirm.

Cudaprw - We can only conquer one city at a time.

Paul - Still working on location. I think Agathos is going to set it up at his gym, but we’re still checking. While this isn’t a seminar, we still may need to reserve a space or let the gym know that about 12 T-folks are coming in to wreck the place.

BTW, the limit for this T-event is 10 people, first come first serve.

More info coming as we get it. Any suggestions welcome.

Also keep in mind that although this is free, the gym may charge non-members a small fee to train there.

Anytime you guys wanna do a, uh, “seminar” cough, cough (beer and strippers), feel free to come on down to New Orleans. :slight_smile:

Highly probable.

I’m dissapointed, Shugs. That whole big post and not one mention of BEER.


Patricia - As DocT pointed out, “seminar”, “meeting”, “T-cell” etc are code words for strippers and BEER.

The best beer I’ve ever had is in Dallas too, a microbrew steak/pizza place called BJ’s (I think). Just opened up a few months ago. Best dark beer ever. One glass makes me loopy.

I think you can buy it “to go” so I’ll mail you a bottle when I get back from the “T-cell” training session with Waterbury.

I’m interested!!

Goddammit Chris, send me a case and I’ll be your bitch.

Wait…did I just say that out loud? hehehe