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T-mag bookclub

Would anyone be interested in a t-mag bookclub or book exchange? Sort of like a library amongst friends. I am interested in reading anything from dragondoor and poliquin. I have Ian King’s Get Buffed to offer. What do you all think? It would work will with the new pm system.

That’s an interesting idea. A couple of books in particular I would really like to read is Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigan, Bill Starr’s Strongest Shall Survive, and Dinosaur Training.

I’ve got The Poliquin Principles and Manly Weight Loss by CP, Get Buffed by Ian King, Duchaine’s Bodyopus and Lyle McDonald’s Ketogenic Diet book.

Not a bad idea. If somebody works out the details, I’d be game.

I know it has nothing to do with training but i just finished reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. i picked it up a day ago and read the whole thing cover to cover. The best book i have ever read. im gonna be reeeaaaall rich and buy out biotest and get all the free supplements i want, yeah!
Seriously it is a good book, it but old now, but tells you basic stuff about making more “money”

Ok, I’ll trade my Ahnold Encyclopedia for all your T-Mag back issues. Oh wait, they’re free! haha

This is a great idea. I’d really like to see a dedicated section here where people can discuss books, articles, papers etc., post reviews, exchange material etc. Is this something of interest or am I out to lunch? I’m assuming all t-men read. (or look at the pictures!)

What can I get for a hardcover print version of Richard Simmons’“Sweating to The Oldies”? I’d be willing to trade it up for anything by Verkoshanski, Siff, Satsiorski. Any takers?

I have “supercut” and Hatfields “Hardcore bodybuiding: A scientific approach”. non training: “Muscle: The story of an unlikely bodybuilder” and “The Adonis Complex” . I’d trade 'em out if ya got something good.

I have a bunch of books as well…good idea.

I forgot one other book I have that may be of interest…Stretching by Bob Anderson.

To take this a step further, I have some videos that may be of interest. I have the Paul Chek series (Swiss Ball Exercises for Athletes Vol. 1 and 2, and Swiss Ball Exercises for Better Abs, Buns and Back) as well as Gary Udit’s Perfect Posing and Perfect Individual Routine. I can’t think of any BB videos I’m dying to see, but I would trade them out for books, or if there’s any horror movie buffs that has either Suspiria or Trilogy of Terror, or the old soccer movie Victory with Stallone and Pele, I would be interested in these as well. Book-wise, I would be interested in the following: (in order of priority)
Rob Faigan-Natural Hormonal Enhancement
Bill Starr-The Strongest Shall Survive
Mauro di Pasquale-The Metabolic Diet
Poliquin-Modern Trends in Strength Training
Coach Davies-Renegade Training for Football
John McCallum-Keys to Progress
Brooks Kubik-Dinosaur Training

I am also looking for Dan Duchaine’s old Isocaloric Dieting Handbook and that guide that came with Ultimate Orange.

I would also pay someone to take my Body Of Work video off my hands!!!

bumping up

I have Body For Life!!!

I have Ian Kings Videos for deadlift, Bench Press, & Squat as Well as Get Buffed and Weight Training Anatomy.

I woulg let people borrow If the have something I would Be Interested In. (Davis, Poliquin, Diansaur Training, Pavel)

i’m game. here’s my bodybuilding books:

Serious Growth 3: Big Beyond Belief
Serious Growth 4: Titan Training
Anabolic Mass by Robert Kennedy and Dennis Weiss
Underground Mass Tactics by Steve Holman
Loaded Guns by Larry Scott
Larry Scott’s Hidden Secrets (video)
Size Surge I and II by Steve Holman

I also have 2 years of MM2K back issues (before TC left), back issues of Ironman, the book “Reps!” by Robert Kennedy (which is in poor condition) and a few videos (two on Chris Clugston’s streetfighting techniques and one on Spetsnaz techniques)

I’m looking for Poliquin and Pavel, but I’m also open to other strength training authors.


anyone else interested?

Kraig, I would be interested in checking out the King videos. If you’re after Poliquin I’ve got Principles as well as Manly Weight Loss.

I am currently selling all of my books on ebay. I would have participated if this thread had come up a week ago.


I’ve got a couple back issues of Flex Magazine.

The first one tells people how to do training splits designed for people on steroids even if you aren’t on steroids, y’know, so you can get hyooge.

And the other one, wait a second…the other one is the same thing!! What the hell is going on here!!! Are they trying to scam me over?!

I’m in. I have too many books and videos to list right now. Any ideas on how to organize this a little better?

I have :

Keys to the Inner Universe – Bill Pearl
Power factor
Lean for Life
Heavy Duty 2
Chemical Pink