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T-mag at the Arnold?

I know there have been a lot of posts about T-men showing up at the Arnold, but has anyone said whether Chris and TC and the T-mag guys are gonna be there? I remember meeting JB, Chris, TC, and Cy at it 2 years ago, but last year they weren’t there. I need to get some more Mag-10, Grow, and M, but I was just going to wait till I got to the Arnold to get it, to save on shipping, since I have about a months supply left, so are you guys gonna be there?

My guess is that at least Biotest will be at the Arnold… Come on its the largest fitness EXPO. Its the public that they are selling their product to. So I am sure at least Biotest will be there. Although I don’t speak for the company. Its just an educated guess.

As far as I know they weren’t there last year, and aren’t planning on being around this year either. I could be wrong, but I remember Shugs saying something about wanting to put more time into developing the mag, supps etc.

I assumed that too, but last year I waited to stock up, and they weren’t there, at least that I could find anywhere, I spent three days looking. I remember reading in the magazine that they didn’t go because they wanted to put the money into R&D, and not going to the Arnold, but then they talked about trips to the Arnold for T-cells, so I wasn’t sure whether they’d be there this year or not.

I am planning to go. How many forumites plan to be there. I propose we wear our “T” shirts to recognize one another and do dinner some evening.-LW

Hey all I posted an earlier thread about this. I will be there. Ohhh yeah baby. I will be the skinny guy who looks like he doesn’t workout. It is all John Romaiello’s fault I tell ya! haha just kidding. I think getting together with some people would be awesome. Let me know t-men and women whether you are going or not. Cya!

I’m going, definitely, just let me know when and where we’re meeting up. Oh and Lowell, I saw you’re from Kokomo, do you train strongman? I know, it’s basically the strongman capital of the US, with Chad Coy, Schoonie, and Neese and a bunch of other top level strongman competitors, I know I’m wanting to go out for the American Hercules this summer, was going last summer but tore an Achilles training and was having surgery.

I’m there as well. On sat. that is (expo). We’ll throw up an offical thread soon on the T&N board soon to organize things and all.

As for Biotest/TMag, I’d love it if they were there, but who knows?

I emailed TC, and being the swell guy he is, here’s his reply:

We’ll have a booth, but it’ll be manned by sales type personnel.

We went one year, but it put us weeks behind in our work. Consequently,
it has a pretty low priority with us.

Ogle a fitness model for us.


Mikesmith00-Hope you’ve recovered from your surgery. No I don’t train strongman style lifts, but attended the competition here in Kokomo last summer. I expected to see a few “Testosterone” shirts but didn’t see any! If Chad hosts another meet I expect more of you T-peeps to show up!!!

There, guess I told you guys grin. It really is a sight to behold. Much better than on TV. Plus you can meet the competitors and get pics taken with them for nothing. Schoonie’s wife sat close to me in the stands part of the time. I don’t remember her name but she was very nice and easy to talk too (also had some of the best trap developement I’ve seen on a feminine weight-trainer)I was impressed with the level of sportsmanship and encouragement these people have for one another. -LW

Yeah, I’ve recovered mostly, although I’m still trying to get strength back in the legs, it’s kind of embarassing right now when I’m getting pinned under 135 in the squats, and my aerobic condition suffered while I was stuck in the cast, but I’m trying to work my way back. This summer, I am going to go see the show whether I am ready to compete or not, I’m hoping to hit an NASS event in WV before then to see how it holds up, cause strongman events is mostly just having the right neuromuscular groove (and strength, of course). Hopefully I’ll be ready to compete, but I’m there, I’ll be wearing the T-rone stuff I got.