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T-mag at Krogers?!

Just thought it was interesting that while I was shopping at Kroger’s (huge grocery store chain for those who haven’t heard of it before) tonight and found numerous copies of the new printed T-mag on the magazine rack. Used to be you could only find it at supplement stores. After awhile, it started showing up on the shelves of major bookstore chains like Barnes and Nobles. Now it seems like it’s everywhere. Looks like the mag is growing by leaps and bounds as far as distribution is concerned, which is a good thing. Just hope that it will be coming out on a more frequent basis in the future!

Funny you mention this, i just saw t mag at mylocal giant eagle (another grocery store) for the first time. Its only the second time i’ve ever even see t mag in print, the other was a barnes and noble in houston.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday scanning through cycle mags when a gentleman, asked what the best muscle mag to buy was.(He had a Muscle Media in his hands). Quite flattered that he would ask me this, I proceeded to look at the others only to see the new t-mag in the rack, COOL. I handed it to him and let him know in no uncertain terms that this was the only legit bodybuilding mag in exsistence if he were really serious about his training. he said he was and actually liked the no fluff approach. I felt good about drafting a possible future t- magger. Shit I’m rambling today. (too much Tribex 500, the new formula is awesome). Later as I’ll now shut the hell up.