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T-Mag articles all over the web!

Have you guys noticed that other sites are always cutting and pasting whole T-mag articles into their message boards? I find it odd that some of these sites, at least the ones in competition with T-mag and Biotest, are always bitching about T-mag, yet all they do is paste articles from T-mag into the forums! I guess this isn’t illegal, but it’s kinda shady. They usually give T-mag credit at least. I’ve seen Shugart’s ‘The Average Guy…’ article on at least three other message boards!

Yeah, we’ve noticed that too. It’s usually just a forum user pasting the article into a thread. I don’t think it’s the owners of these sites attempting to get around copyright laws or anything. We would prefer they at least credit T-mag and the writer for the article, but like you said, they usually do this.

HOWEVER, we have busted at least three other sites that I can think of offhand plus one well-known newsletter whose name rhymes with Anabolic Insider for totally bogarting our articles. The newsletter would only change the title and the byline. I had a word with the head honcho over there and he professed ignorance of what one of his writer’s was doing. They were supposed to run an apology but I haven’t seen it yet. If it happens again, we’re letting loose the pit-lawyers.

Now, we have allowed some mags to reprint articles in exchange for a link. Planet Muscle and a Canadian track and field mag have done this in the past and that’s cool. They asked for permission beforehand and credited T-mag.

Oh my. Isn’t T-mag article too long to be posted?

When I want to share T-mag articles that I like w/ others at other Internet sites/forums, I post a short one-sentence blurb and a link to the article so that they can go and read it at T-mag.com.

The other forums I look at usually just post a link. But the links usually go to an informative article or an interview. For example the other day I saw a link to the explanation of a Turkish Get Up by Davies and a link to an interview with Simmons awhile back. T-Mag is really the only site that posts new articles every week and even if you aren’t a bodybuilder with all the different contributors you can usually find something that applies to you. As long as it credits T-Mag I would think it would bring more traffic and profit to the site.