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just had levels back they said on the phone that it is normal at 13.8 ,age 38 13 stone is this normal?

OK 13.8 stone. I am NOt positive exactly what that is I am guessing its around 372.

Which well might not be bad.

The thing is no matter what the number is without us knowing the scale of reference they are pretty useless. These scales very and on one scale that could be pretty good on another kinda low. On most I have seen however if my calculations are close you are in the normal ranges.

Hope that helps,

13 Stone is his bodyweight (182lb)
as 1 Stone = 14lb, it’s a Brit thing

For a male age 19+ the ‘normal’ ranges are 13-77 mmol.

This equates to approximately 320-1200 of the american standard.

Us Aussies have the same scale. You are in the bottom end of normal, as are most men not undergoing puberty / not eating enough healthly fats / not getting adequate zinc etc. If you’re really worried seek out a hormone replacement therapy doctor [which will be hard, they all seem to want to help menopausal women, but don’t want a bar of us men]. Or just take ZMA, Alpha Male and eat plenty of healthy fats. Either way good luck.

Thanks guys