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I was diagnosed with low T-levels about nine months ago. Unfortunately the doc won’t do anything about it. I tried clomid and it worked great, but started to get visuals. Tried nolva, didn’t work like clomid. Would ana work at raising T and libido like clomid? I plan on eventually getting HRT but not for a couple of years. Also, does anyone have experience with New Hope Med for HRT? Thanks

you can give tribex and or red katt a try.


Arimidex at .5mg ED boosted my total T from the mid 200’s to 600+ but, did nothing to make me feel any better.
Test. Cyp. at 100mg/week (fairly typical TRT dose) got me to 1,363 and definitely made a difference in how I felt.

I was just looking at newhopemed. I’ve heard they are very expensive but have not checked it out thoroughly.

You might want to go onto the Life Extension Foundation site and look for their listing of innovative doctors for your area. Usually these doctors are more enlightened and open-minded.

the problem with arimidex is its negative effect on blood lipid profiles

Thanks guys. I’ll admit I didn’t know that about the arimidex. I’m seriously considering going with TRT soon, I’m just worried about the chance of infertility. I know most will say it won’t happen but I still believe it’s a possibility.

Yes you’re right Prisoner. Driving estrogen too low can mess up your lipid profile.

Would you say that SERM’s like Nolva are less prone to negatively alter blood lipids than aromatase inhibitors?

About New Hope, I checked their prices and they really didn’t seem that bad. It was 87.55 for 10ml @200mg/ml. I know you can get it cheaper but at 100 mg/week, that is less than $5 per week.


Someone told me that New Hope’s consultation fees were high. But, you are right, their price for 10ml of Cyp is fine. Not as good as my $12 co-pay though. :slight_smile:

Yeah the consultation fees are a little pricey, $350.

Modern therapy has knowledgable reps. I didn’t go with them but at least I found out the prices and that they even prescribe winstrol once you become a patient(if you so desire). Why two years before you get HRT? If you are truly serious about your condition why wait? You could however, start your own testosterone protocol and be quite successful at it.