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T - Levels

Forgive my ignorance, I have heard little on this subject but it’s something that I have given some thought to. I’m on my High School B-ball Team and I train really hard to keep up with these guys (I’m one of 3 white guys on the team) and one thing I’ve noticed is that African -Americans Bodies come equipped a little stronger, or the majority for that matter. It pisses me off that They slack and I bust my ass just to stay with em’.
Are their T-levels higher than caucasians? Or am I Doing something wrong?
Thanks Fellas

hey Cheese Cracker do a search for a thread called “Speed Demon” it might help answer your question. I don’t buy the article though. I think hard work in the end pays off. But the article explains why “black people” or “african americans” why they excel in certin sports then whites or other race.

hope this helps.

Some feel it has to do with bone structure, etc.

Do a search on something like “black athletes”, and you should find a great interview done awhile ago in T-Mag that went into depth on that subject.

I’ve noticed that white guys seem to be considerably stronger than the black guys at my school, from seeing guys in the gym. However amongst guys who don’t lift the black guys seem to be able to keep ‘decent’ looking bodies without doing much of anything in regard to training and diet. It’s kind of strange really, but i don’t think it has much to do with t-levels.


That would explain why I am half as strong as whites. I think that is an excuse. We Asians are supposed to be weaker than Haoles and Blacks. Just train harder.

It’s not T-levels that make a difference, it’s cultural evolution. Many whites are of European descent and many generations of “domesticated lifestyle” has created a lazy and out-of-shape race. On the other hand, the African descendants had a much more physical and “undomesticated” lifestyle compared to whites with slavery being an example of this. With modern lifestyles, where blacks and whites live similar ways in most places and the increasing popularity of interracial couples, I wonder if many generations from now(500-1000 years) the scenario will change. I also feel in many instances, there is more motivation for certain groups to excel in sports. Take the athletes of the former Soviet Union, they were superior in many sports at the Olympic level because sport was their “ticket out of the saltmines” as Ian King has said in the past. They didn’t have any training secrets, just extremely good organization at all levels and extreme motivation. Sport is in many ways, the only way young, black children see as their ticket out of the ghettos. There are not enough financially successful black role-models in other areas of society such as medicine, law, finance, business etc. This again is due to cultural influences of generations of inequality. Again, it will be interesting to see how this changes as the face of inequality and oppotunity changes, however we are talking many generations and not just a few years.