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T Levels Too High?

Hey guys. Been feeling horrible the last few weeks so I got labs done on 5/16 and got the results today 5/22. Apparently, my T Levels are too high which is why it feels like my protocol isn’t working:

e2: 59.48
TT: 1123
FT: 40.1
SHBG: 11.61 (low)

These labs were taken in the afternoon on my trough day. Doc says my TT is probably spiking around 1900 when my dose peaks (320mg once a week). His recommendation was to not get a shot this week to let my levels reset and level out then he wants to start me at 280mg once a week next week. He said I shouldn’t need an AI either then we’ll do labs again in a couple weeks. Thoughts?

Thats fairly high for trough yes but its all about how you feel. Yeah, drop your dose and go from there. You may feel better. I know I do.

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@NH_Watts Thanks. What should a normal trough T level look like? Also do you think skipping an injection this week is beneficial? Considering I feel like I have low T (low energy, no libidio, etc)

Low SHBG guys do not need high normal levels, you need daily injections do to low SHBG. Low SHBG is an indication you do not bind androgen well and by throwing excessive Test into your system, you are driving up estrogen and possible hematocrit in the not so distant future.

Inject 16mg daily using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quad.

A once weekly dosing for super low SHBG, your doctor isn’t doing a good job at managing your TRT. You’ll never feel good on a once weekly protocol.

Usually a High Free T equals high estrogen in low SHBG men.

Please provide reference ranges.

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That is a monster dose for TRT. There are “Bro’s” attempting to run cycles with less than that, LOL.

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@systemlord Thanks. Could it be my dose being so high dropping my SHBG? I felt good for a few months then its line I hit a brick wall. e2 was too high then swung too low now its on the higher side again along with my Free T being too high.

Will going from 300mg to 100mg total a week allow me to feel better quickly?

Ranges for my above labs:
e2 (15-55)
TT (350-1000)
FT (20-25)
SHBG (13.30-89.50)

@hardartery LOL yeah I’ve always felt like my dose was too high but I felt good on it for while then crashed. Just trying to find the right dose for me. Doc wants to try 280mg but I still feel its too high. 100mg sounds too low lol

I am at 183 mg/week right now (give or take) It’s 0.7ml from a 2ml/250mg amp twice a week. I like it better than 200mg and better than 150mg


A large dosage is exactly what a high SHBG guy should be on, not a low SHBG guy. We know excess androgens lowers SHBG, wrong kind of protocol.

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That dose is a steroid cycle, not TRT!

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@lenono I know everyone’s different but what would be considered a normal “TRT dose”?

It’s going to be different for everyone but I started on 125/week but have lowered to 100/week as my test was a bit too high.

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@systemlord Understood but isn’t it better to have a lower SHBG? Doc says that means more T is free to use for building muscle, libidio etc. But if my T levels are so high and less is bound due to a low SHBG…why do I feel so horrible??

Your T levels are well beyond what your body should naturally produce, so that in itself will likely cause undesirable side effects. Your E2 looks high as well, although you haven’t put the lab reference ranges in?

I feel much better on 100/week rather than 125/week. I felt very fatigued on the higher dose.

I think low SHBG people metabolise the T quicker, which would mean you probably have a huge fluctuation in free T levels during the week.

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More disease associated with low SHBG, metabolic syndrome and diabetes to name a few, higher SHBG is healthier. High Free estrogen is one of the reason why low SHBG men struggle on TRT so much and why you feel unwell.

Free E2 is you main problems with having low SHBG, it’s why you feel so terrible. Your doctor doesn’t understand any of this, it’s a double edge sword, high Free T and high Free E2.


The high dose is driving your SHBG down. You have more than you need, so your body isn’t trying to hold onto it. It can also, IMO, cause you some unpleasant side effects mentally. Too much in the wrong guy could facilitate overproduction of catecholamines or serotonin, if you lean that way. Normal TRT is 200 mg or less a week. That’s plenty for most guys. 100 is usually too little. You are going to have to wait out some half-lives for your levels to drop no matter what dose you go to, expect about 3 weeks for it to get near new normal, 6 weeks to be stable. It’s a lot faster and easier to go up than down, I think that it’s always better to start low and step up.

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@systemlord if I may be so bold, could you send me an email or let me email you? I have a few questions and this dumb forum has no private message feature for some dumb reason.

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We can’t provide emails, but there is always Excelmale forum.

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@hardartery thanks for your response. I know once a week injections are not optimal especially due to my low SHBG, high Free T/high e2 issues but that protocol worked for me for a few months even with a 300mg dose! So even though its not optimal, if I stay on once a week injections, what if I lowered my dose to 100mg-150mg? Would that help me feel better? Obviously 300mg once a week is too much for my body to handle and if I lower my weekly dose by almost half that should fix my high free T/high e2 issues and 100-150mg shouldn’t drive my SHBG so low right? @systemlord

How old of a guy are you @lwatt?

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