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T Levels Too High for an Old Guy?

I am a 63yo and been doing T therapy for >10 years. Used C-PAP for sleep apnea since 1995. Normally do 17 insulin syringe units of 200 mg/ml cypionate EOD (so way less than 1 ml per week) and HCG 30 insulin syringe units EOD. Usually 1/4 of a 1 mg anastrozole EOD. For about a year, have had shortness of breath issues. COPD found recently. Wore cardio monitor for 3 weeks. Found intermittent atrial fibrilation. Also bradychardia at times during sleep, while other waking periods up to 150 BPM. Getting a monitor inserted into chest prior to capitulating to a pacemaker. Same day that I received this last bit of news, my labs came back from my primary care. He’s always been okay with high total testosterone and still is. I’m starting to wonder if there is a relationship between high T > worse sleep apnea > my heart issues. Either way, I’m taking steps to get my T down to max of 800. Labs below. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Result Value Range
TSH3 <0.010 uIU/mL
FT3 4.10 pg/ml normal
Testosterone 1319 NG/DL High
SHBG 81.5 NMOL/L High
Calc Free testosterone 178.0 PG/ML Normal
FT4 .90 ng/dl Normal

|Metabolic panel|||
|Sodium|136 mmol/L|Normal|
|Potassium|4.3 mmol/L|Normal|
|Chloride|102 mmol/L|Normal|
|CO2|25 mmol/L|Normal|
|Anion Gap|9.0 mmol/L|Normal|
|Glucose|94 mg/dl|Normal|
|Calcium|9.9 mg/dl|Normal|
|BUN|11 mg/dl|Normal|
|Creatine|1.03 mg/dl|Normal|
|Total Protein|7.2 g/dl|Normal|
|Albumin|4.1 g/dl|Normal|
|Globulin|3.1 g/dl|Normal|
|A/G Ratio|1.3 calc|Normal|
|Total Bilrubin w/ reflex|0.5 mg/dl|Normal|
|AST|31 IU/L|Normal|
|ALT|38 IU/L|Normal|
|Alk Phos|62 IU/L|Normal|
|Magnesium|1.9 mg/dl|Normal|
|Phosphorus|3.3 mg/dl|Normal|
|Estradiol|27.3 pg/ml|Normal|
|WBC|6.8 3/uL|Normal|
|RBC|5.12 6/uL|Normal|
|HGB|16.9 g/dl|Normal|
|MCV|96.1 fl|HIGH|
|MCH|33.0 pg|HIGH|
|MCHC|34.3 g/dl|Normal|
|PLT|196.0 3u/L|Normal|
|MPV|9.2 fl|Normal|
|NEUT#|4.09 3/uL|Normal|
|IG#|0.05 3/uL%|Normal|
|NRBC#|0.00 3/uL|Normal|
|LYMPH#|1.67 3/uL|Normal|
|MONO#|0.88 3/uL|Normal|
|EO#|0.08 3/uL|Normal|
|BASO#|0.0 3/uL|Normal|

Low testosterone is bad for the heart, not high testosterone. Your SHBG is high and Free T unknown without ranges, even if you had reference ranges testing is most likely inaccurate if direct immunoassay. Direct immunoassay overestimate Free T.

My point is your Free T could have been low the past 10> years, low Free T equals health problems. An elevated MCV could be related to alcoholism or a vitamin B12 and/or folic acid deficiency.

RBC is low, I would expect a guy on TRT to have higher RBC. Another lab that indicates suboptimal Free T.

We need reference ranges for all labs.

Are you on thyroid medicine?

Thanks. yes, I take 180 mg Armour thyroid daily. Also, been sober for 8 years but history of alcohol abuse.

I def will not keep my testosterone numbers above range when am over 60. You are obviously keeping it to high cause you need an AI. Wonder what your estradiol is??

Was the human body made to withstand these high level of hormones as we age??

Who the fuck knows!

Your gonna need higher TT levels with that SHBG. I would only worry about your TT if your free T is too high.