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T Levels Question

How do I get my T levels checked?
How much does it usually cost?


If you have insurance go to your doctor’s office, and explain to the doctor that you just don’t feel sexually… how should I say “HORNY”!! And just watch how fast a cute nurse comes in with a torniquet and a needle to take some blood.

Depending on what kind of Insurance you have you can get a chem. panel, thyroid, blood lipid etc. Then you can see if you need some help(androgens)if you just don’t feel that oomph…anymore! Or if you need thyroid help (cytomel) or some ahem…(viagra)!

If you don’t have insurance, it may run you somewhere in the 300 to 400 dollar range. Maybe even cheaper around where you live. All you have to do is ask, if you are paying cash they’ll run whatever test you want.

Anyways, just go to doctor’s office and get your blood tested.

That’s what I thought.The guys that are getting tested every few months before/after a program or new product must be paying out of pocket.

Salivatest.com is ZRT Laboratories

You can get saliva or blood tests from this group. All online.

50.00 for two hormones to be tested via saliva. Many combos to choose from for differing prices.

I did free T and estradiol.

Results in 7-10 days.

Most agree that saliva is fine. Poliquin uses it to test his athletes sometimes.

Disc Hoss

Disc Hoss,

I just checked out the site, it looks like this is a pretty good option. I don’t know if this is the same outfit that Muscle Media 2000 wrote about a few years back. They were having some problems, but it looks like they ironed them out. Anyways, Thanks for the tip.