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T-Levels Impact on Bodybuilding?



How much does natural testosterone levels impact men when bulding muscle? I some guy is in the higher end and one is in the lower end, will there be a big difference in how fast and how much they can gain? Or wont it make any difference since we all react differently?


It probably doesnt make a difference if you both fall within the normal range (300-950 or so depending on the lab) … Maybe some small difference but it isnt going to be HUGE.

Now… Guys ON Test are in a whole different ball park. “Starter doses” (from what I have seen at least, 400-500mg a week) are 10-15x the normal production of a normal, healthy male (which is around 21-40mg per week depending on the study: heres one)

Consider that pro level guys are on doses in the 1-2g/week range and you can start to see why there is such a difference. These guys will often end up with test ranges in the 3,000-5,000+ range as the doses get higher based on what I have seen people claim on line.

I dont have any personal experience with the sauce aside from a passing interest and various times in my life where I researched it heavily, so anyone with more knowledge here feel free to chime in and set me straight if I’m wrong.


Thx for the reply! Yeh I was thinking of whether the normal range made a hige different, but as long as its all natural - it wont make noticeable difference you say`?