T-Levels(Bill Roberts Hopefully)

I got my T-Levels checked and it came out to 145pg/ml(It wasn’t measured in DL) and they said I was in the middle range. It didn’t measure free T. I am 28 and seriously lack libido and have bitch tits although I am at about 18% bodyfat and losing. Does that mean I have gyno and would eating lots of eggs increase T as Vince Gironda claimed? Any comments would be appreciated. I would like my libido back as well as my agressiveness!!
Thanks in advance

I can only go by their saying your value
was in the middle range (which is OK provided
you don’t have high SHBG) but you’d really
need free T, and the normal range of that
specific lab (the range varies according
to testing method by about a factor of 10),
to really evaluate the situation.

It is possible you have high estrogen

Is the problem just overall fat in the
chest area, or actual nodules under the
nipples? The first is not gyno, the latter
probably would be.

Eggs often do help weight trainers. Sometimes
I have eaten as many as 12 per day, and it’s
always seemed to be a good thing. By the
way, there’s no adverse effect on blood lipids
from doing this. However, I wouldn’t expect
it to cure libido problems though.

Blood lipids may rise doing this. I assume you got a lipid panel during your visit. If not, get one and after a month of eggs get another to check the response. Some individuals see there cholesterol rise with increasing saturated fat consumption or increased cholesterol consumption, with the saturated fat response being more common. Good luck.


Have you ever tried Tribulus? If you have libido problems then, well then it may be serious. When I used Tribulus, a strong wind gave me an erection.

Bill, you were saying that 12 eggs a day had no adverse affects on blood lipids (this is the same as cholesterol right?), was this just whites or whole eggs?