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T Levels and TRT....Please Help

I’ve recently done blood work and feel my T levels are low…My libido is low, energy is low, strugling with body comp, and having a difficult time putting on muscle mass… My goal is to highten my libido, energy and gain muscle mass…have been considering TRT…Any advice would be greatly appreciated…My blood work is as follows:

Glucose 96
Bun 27
Creatinine 1.3
Sodium 136
Potassium 4.3
Chloride 102
CO2 26.0
Alk Phos 66
Bili total 0.5
Total Protien 7.3
Albumin 4.0
Globulin 3.3
Alb: Glob 1.2
Calcium 9.4
Cholesterol 172
HDL 40
THS 1.5
WBC 8.3
Hematocrit 43
Hemoglobin 14.5
Platelets 275
RBC 5.16
MCV 84
MCH 28
RDW 14
Dihydrotestost 16
FSH 2.0 (T)
LH 2.8 (T)
Prolactin 12.7
Testosterone (ng/dL) 265
Testosterone Free 8.6 (LT)

I’ve been using Androgel for my hypogonadism for over 6 years.

It’s not that you “feel” your T value is low; it IS low!

I’m not an MD; so I don’t give advice; but my andrologist has said, “I don’t like to see anyone lower than 300.”

So you might have a problem.

Why not set up an appointment with an endocrinologist or andrologist-urologist?