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T-Levels and Estrogen Articles?

I feel that I have high(er) estrogen and I would like to lower my E levels/make my T levels higher just to be sure. If I take TRIBEX to raise my T will this raise my E levels as well since my body is trying to “make up” for the extra T. I really don’t know much about this, i searched for it and couldn’t find too much, if anyone knows of articles I can read I would appreciate it.

IF you have dangerously high estrogen, look up resveratol in the Biotest store and look about getting some clomid- I’m not too well versed about clomid, but I know it’s a part of every good steroid stack due to it keeping extra testosterone from aromatazing into estrogen.

HOWEVER, my first question would be ‘what makes you think you have high estrogen?’

I have a slight case of gyno despite a lower BF and hold all my fat in my hips and stomach. I have a low sex drive and the only thing i can think of is low T/high E

So we’re not talking about a lab test, we’re talking about a self-diagnosed gynocomastia, low libido, and some belly fat.

You’re probably just fat. Unless you’re coming off a cycle (in which case, this is the wrong forum to post in), you’re body won’t necessarily make unnaturally high estrogen levels.

Even if you DID have high estrogen levels, and I don’t think you do (although I could be wrong), the way to deal with it is to

a) lift heavy weights
b) eat like you posted in your other thread
here: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2063028

If you STILL think it’s a matter of low T/high E, post on the steroid forum. Or try and get this transfered to the supplement and nutrition forum.

Oh, and the low-libido’s more likely due to stress. From tests and stuff.

thanks for the help otep, next time i get blood work done i will ask my pcp to see if he could test my levels, but until then i will lift heavy and stick to my clean diet. I just read some suggestion by CW on trying to recover the CNS and help relieve some stress (PWO naps, deep stomach breathing).