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T Levels after Clomid


Hey everyone,

So I was on TRT for about a year before my second doctor suggested that I try to get my body producing again (since I’m in my 20’s). I’ve been off for 3 months or so and I’ve been taking clomid. My test levels were at 750 about 1.5 months in. I stopped about a week ago and what I’ve noticed is that in the gym I feel weaker and more lethargic. Have my test levels dropped big time or is it all in my head?


Restarts don’t always work. Also, sometimes it’s better to taper your SERM and use and AI. Read the HPTA restart sticky.


My doctor said that since my levels are high on clomid, my body is producing again. Is this not true?


Your body is producing again, yes. Whether it remains producing on it’s own remains to be seen.

Your symptoms seem to indicate that it is perhaps not producing on it’s own. Bloodwork would be conclusive.

You have a few options:

  1. Follow KSMan’s advice about tapering with an AI (read the HPTA restart sticky)
  2. Be on SERM for life (as I am)
  3. TRT
  4. Be miserable

You are fortunate in that you found this early. I went though years of feeling like shit before my doc discovered the problem. Probably would have helped had I actually seen a doctor about it…


How long should I wait after the last dose of clomid to know what my natural levels are to get bloods done


4 weeks is a good conservative estimate, though some studies say T levels are elevated after clomid for 4-6 weeks.

It’s unfortunate if you are already experiencing symptoms of reduced T. Of course, it could be in your head, bloodwork is the only way to know for sure.