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T-Levels After 6 Weeks of Cyp Only?


600 mg per week. 300mg 2x a week. First cycle . In thea middle of the 6th week .My normal levels are 200. I didn't notice much at all in gains so I had my t-levels checked and came back at 1475. Is this about a normal level for what im doing. I have a bottle of prop I could throw in to the mix but im not sure that it would help as far as gains? I have access to every injectable and oral if someone recommends it.


Do you know how to lift weights and eat to gain muscle mass? Are you doing that?


Im no rookie in the kitchen or to the steel bud. Rookie to gear ? Yes.


From what I have found on the net my levels should be in the mid 2000's? I had blood drawn day after I pinned. Watered. Down?


Did you get your testosterone from an UGL? or did you acquire human grade quality --- I would bet your gear is under dosed as 600 mg/week should be way above HIGH/NORMAL range----250 mg /week should yield about that much --- Goes to show that everyone should ALWAYS invest into a $60 lab blood test when taking UGL gh or AAS