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T Levels 539 After 11 Weeks. Is the Test I Am Using Weak?

I started TRT April 23rd my total test was 300. I started on 150mg pinning 2x 75 a week after a month my level was 420 so I upped it to 200mg 2x100 a week waited another month and now my levels are 539. Everyone is telling me they should be WAAAYY higher. I am not on doctor prescribed stuff because they wouldnt do it since I am technically above the cutoff point.

I weight 230 6’4 I have seen body composition changes and strength changes but truthfully not to the extent I thought I would.

What do you guys think am I being sold weak shit? It’s Test cypionate.

No, it doesn’t mean that. You could be underdosed, but ugl stuff is more often higher strength. That’s just you, and at 4 weeks you still haven’t hit stable level at that dose.

At my weight what dose would you think I should be at? I wanna be like 1k levels honestly.

Hyper-secretion or over aromatization.

I do not remember in any of your threads you posting adequate labs to determine a good protocol for you, if you insist on going on with only Total T testing, then you are lost. You continue to gauge your TRT protocol on a hormone that is bound to SHBG and not bioavailable, the free hormone is being ignored.

It sounds like either the Test is weak or you have very high SHBG or are a hyper metabolizer. A hyper metabolizer will need considerably more testosterone than the average man, I have seen some men needing 300mg+.

You will just have to work your way up. I imagine you’re going to be in the 230 to 250 range, for now. That also will change over time. There are guys on here running significantly lower weekly doses now than when they started, SHBG and other levels change over time and with use of test. But it’s not linear in the dosing, 200 mg puts you at at least 539. 220 mg could put you at 800. It’s not super predictable.

Chasing lab numbers is generally a bad idea. If that’s your number one priority, dive in and start a cycle. If you want to use TRT responsibly for health, give more credence to how you feel, benefits vs side effects.

You’ve seen pretty ridiculous body comp improvement, so I don’t know how much more you were expecting. Like Artery said, you’re changing doses so fast, your body isn’t getting a chance to stabilize or really work with what you’re giving it.

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I feel amazing honestly. And my strength in the gym is starting to improve more and more and like I said I am seeing body recomp already after only about 2 and a half months. So you think I should just stay where I am and not worry about the numbers?

I am doing it for TRT but I would be lying if I said I dont wanna get a little bigger stronger faster in the meantime as well lol.

Ride it for a while, don’t get addicted to the gains and push the gas pedal too hard. Slow and steady wins the race.


Yes. Very, yes. Stay put because… it’s… working. Getting greedy only runs the risk of screwing things up for little, if any, added benefit.

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Thank you guys you made me feel much better

Ya I asked my lab if they do that they cant he told me to I need to go to a urologist specialist if I want a more in depth panel. I am just getting all this done at a walk in clinic.

One thing I forgot to mention that might help shed some light on this is at 150 my erections were incredible. When I increase to 200 after about a week I expreienced SEVERE ED like I couldnt get anything which led me to believe probably my estrogen skyrocketed. I also noticed cold hands and feet which I read is also a sign of high estrogen. As time passed that all went away as well as the ED but i am still not where I was when I was at 150 in terms of erections, they are there but noticeably softer (sorry for TMI) but I feel way better mentally and more energy and much more stable moods and strength in the gym has improved on 200.

This is hypothyroidism, I would expect someone who is on TRT to feel as if it’s not working. High estrogen caused my hands and feet to be hot.

Typically men with hypothyroidism would need very high testosterone to feel anything while on TRT, the fact that you’re on a high dosage and not feeling much suggest a thyroid problem may be worth checking out.

You need to post thyroid labs including TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies. If you think you’re going to get this is a sick care system unless you are dying, probably not going to happen.

Most people with an HMO will never get adequate healthcare.

I think you may have misread what I said. The cold hands and feet were very short lived. That only lasted for like a week when I initially upped my dose to 200. That along with the ED. The cold hands and feet are completely gone now and the ED is slowly getting better.

Also I should clarify I feel absolutely incredible. I felt a difference honestly about 2 days after my first pin of 150 when I started. In fact I felt such a difference my friends told me it was likely placebo. My energy skyrocketed and my sex drive went fucking insane. It has been steadily getting better and better over time. Strength, mood, everything in fact most days I feel so good I tell my friends like literally its almost not even fair how good I feel. Loads of energy, I blast through my training sessions like nothing. People around me are tired and Im just like ya… I’m ready for more.

The whole meaning of this post was just me concerned that the numbers should be higher. For instance I have a friend that ran 175mg/wk for a month and his levels were at 1350 but he also felt like complete shit, irritable/fatigued severe mood swings and sever anxiety. I guess like everyone here says I should worry less about the numbers and more about how I feel.

I was concerned because I just bought a good amount of this stuff I am using and was just hoping I didn’t get ripped off.

Also I have had my thyroid checked but not in a couple years but it has always been fine. I don’t have any issues with weight gain or losing weight. My appetite is incredible. Next blood test though I will throw thyroid in there just to be sure.

Just curious ive heard different opinions on this but does it matter what time of day you get the testosterone check done?

I know I’ve heard for natural people its best to do it between like 7-10am because thats when testosterone levels peak but I read somewhere that for people on test it doesn’t matter. Is that true?

I did end up getting my test done at night and I was not fasted because the lab had an issue. I went down there in the morning and they were closed doctor told me to come back that night.

This is true. Natural levels follow a circadian rhythm, exogyonous cannot.


Comment of the day right here, it is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Trying to mimic endogenous production is futile.

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What do you mean by that?

Is a hyper matabolizer someone that turns a lot of the test into estrogen?