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I just had my hormone levels checked and they
(she) wouldn’t do the free testoterone test but
did the serum T-test. They said I was normal
at 247 NG/DL and the range given was 240-950
NG/DL. Man to me this looks really low. Any ideas? Is this useful data? Can the new Tribex effectively impact this level? Thanks, I need T!

Is it OK if I bump this?

What makes you think you need more testosterone especially when it is clear that your levels are in normal range. Your age also has something to do with that. Any study I have seen for tribulus showed that it only raised testosterone back to normal levels in the men that took it, not above. Surprise, you are already there. Professor X

247 is definitely low even though it is within the acceptable range. Provide your doctor with the appropriate symptoms (low energy, decreased sex drive, depression) and she should have no problem treating your problem. Make sure you also have your LH and FSH levels tested to determine the proper treatment. If your LH and FSH counts are also below normal you likely have what’s called secondary hypogonadism, which is best treated with HCG injections. If your LH and FSH counts are normal or high you likely have primary hypogonadism, which is usually treated with some type of testosterone replacement therapy, such as Androgel or test injections.