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T Level Too High?

Is there a such thing as T levels being too high? I’m referring to both total and free T.


Well I guess in theory Total T no. Bioavilable T can absolutely be to high.

Mine came back:

438 pg/mL Range 47-244

Is this way high?

That looks mid range for TT. Range does not make any sense. Supply more data

[quote]muttley wrote:
Mine came back:

438 pg/mL Range 47-244

Is this way high?


I’m assuming that’s Free T. My doctor likes Free T around there. What’s your total T, and as importantly, what is your Estradial(E2)?

[quote]muttley wrote:
Mine came back:

438 pg/mL Range 47-244

Is this way high?


The range doesn’t make sense. As you might have found out yourself, the ranges referenced as normal vary from lab to lab (or country to country, for that matter).
Anywhere between 200-1’200 ng/dl.

You quote 438 PIKOGRAMM/ML which would equal 43.8 NANOGRAMM/DL. This would be very low.

Could you post all the data you have?

Lipid Panel

Chol 154 mg/dL 120-200
Trig 57 mg/dL 0-200
HDL 37 mg/dL >=35
LDL 106 mg/dL 0-129
CHD Risk 4.16 4.00-7.30

FSH 0.4 mIU/mL 1.0-12.0 mIU/mL Dr. said low due to T injections

LH <0.3 mIU/mL 2.0-12.0 mIU/mL Same as above

Estradiol 10 pg/mL 0-50 pg/mL

TSH 0.992 uIU/mL 0.320-5.000

PSA 1.6 0.0-4.0 ng/mL Dr. said probably due to T injections

SHBG 16 nmol/L 11-80 nmol/L

Total T >15.00 ng/mL 2.80-8.00 ng/mL Dr. said it was substantially higher than las year

Free T >438 pg/mL 47-244 pg/mL Dr. said it was off the charts.

Blood Pressure 119/70

During my physical, I didn’t tell the doctor that I was injecting Testosterone. When he called with my results he asked if I was on medication. At that time I told him what I had been doing. He told me that my Total T was substantially higher than last year and that my Free T was “off the charts.” He also thought that the low LH and FSH was due to the injections. He was particularly concerned with my PSA. Last year it was .7, this year it was 1.6. It was still well within normal range, but he wanted me to see a Urologist as a precaution, even though he thought it was also due to my T injections.

Last year my labwork was done by Qwest. This year it was done by the hospital lab, so the ranges and measurements are different.

Now…right or wrong, this is what I have been doing.
Last year I had all the symptoms of low T. I went in for a physical and everything was ok. I wasn’t happy with my T being 457 200-1100, but the doctor wasn’t inclined to do anything about it because it was in the “normal range”. He did offer to refer me to a urologist, which is what I did. The urologist at first was willing to do something about it, but for some reason talked himself out of it. I got frustrated with him and asked him why I had to be “low normal” instead of “high normal”. He said, “because you’re not 20 years old”. I told him, “well, I’m not 80 either”. That was the end of that visit.
So I started reading everything I could find on TRT. Dr. Chrisler’s site, KSman’s posts, hundreds of google searches. I decided to self medicate. I found sources for T, hcg, adex. After two months of 200mg/wk, I didn’t feel any different. I started having doubts about my source, so I upped the dose. Over time (six months or so), I ended up at 1000mg/wk. I was alternating between Sus 325 and Cyp 200 EOD, 250 hcg EOD, 8 drops Adex ED. In other words, my shots would go like this: Sunday 1ml Sus, Tues 1ml Cyp, Thurs 1ml Sus, and so on. I didn’t get tested along the way, like I should have until now. But…I feel great. Making nice gains at the gym and my sex drive is through the roof. Only probem is, I’m having difficulty reaching climax.
Not sure what the problem is there, but it’s not that bad of a problem.

BTW, I’m 54 years old, 5’11" at 205 lbs. I train hard 5 days a week for at least an hour. I don’t get enough sleep, work shift, and my diet is good for the most part.

I fully expect to get an ass-chewing by the more knowledgeable on here for my irresponsibilty in playing with doses and not getting tested regularly. It is what it is.

Thanks for any advice. If I left any relevent info out, let me know.