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T Level Too High on Small Dose?

I’m 54 years old, and live in Thailand- I’ve been lifting for most of my life. I had a blood test about 10 months ago, where my natural level was 430ng/dL (I don’t have the breakdown past that, only the base number)- hoping to raise it to the ~800 level, I went on 125mg T enanthate (Bayer brand 1ml ampoules) weekly, divided into two weekly 62.5mg sub-Q doses. Hoping to heal a chest injury, three months ago I added 100mg nandrolone decanoate weekly (also divided over 2 sub-Q doses- it seems to have helped- my injury healed and my joints feel great, even at such a small dose). I have not been doing this under a doctor’s supervision- TRT isn’t very big here, and there’s not much knowledge regarding it.

I had another blood test on Monday (same lab- this was two days after a T shot and one day after a Deca shot) and my number came up at 2929ng/dL, which seems insanely high for the amount I’ve been taking.

I’m going to get checked again at another lab, but has anyone else had a similar experience with such a huge increase? This can’t be right- from what I’ve read, it would take at least 300mg per week to get past 1000ng/dL from my base. Maybe I got tested too close to my shots.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

i am like this. From my research , guys that have low or high SHBG, i forgot if it was low or high… anyways guys that have low or high SHBG require LESS testosterone as less of it is gets bound. So for those guys, what is suggested by many, is smaller more frequency doses. So , i am certain your levels went way too high, just like mine did, because your dose is too large. I would change you dose to 80 mg a week and try 20mg shots EOD. This did bring my levels down and more reasonable.

I understand what you’re saying, but, unless my body has somehow been stimulated into producing more T as well as absorbing the T from my injections, could nearly 3000ng/dL be correct? Just going by research, is 125mg per week (actually, considering I’m using standard syringes rather than insulin syringes, it’s probably closer to 100mg due to some remaining after the injection) enough to do that? Maybe it is, but it seems way over-the-top.

Deca causes crazy high readings on certain types of T test types. Measuring the day after injecting is also going to get you high readings, but I suspect the test type is why you got some crazy values.

You did the labs at roughly peak, the highest possible level in your system. The exact opposite of what you are supposed to do. Labs are done at trough. Day of shot, BEFORE the shot. And you are not taking a crazy low dose, you’re taking 100mg of Deca on top of a normal TRT dose. Of course it’s high.

High, yes, but 2929ng/dL? Bodybuilders taking 5x+ my dosage (of both T and nandrolone) aren’t testing at that level. And, taking four small shots per week, I’m pretty much always at ‘the day of’ or ‘the day after’.

At any rate, I’m going to get tested at another lab and see what happens.

They also have 5X those levels.

Tested at peak + https://youtu.be/ieXpYFyHVBA

That’s pretty much it IMO.

See what version of the test you did. Test at trough, use the version that can differentiate and see what you get if it matters to you that much.

You said you’re doing 2 shots a week. Which is fine, and 2 days after your shot is just a day or so before your next injection, levels won’t drop in half by then, so barring lab error you are pretty high for your dose.

Maybe i missed it, but how long have you been taking the injections?

If you can get get your labs done right before your next inj and get total-t, free-t, shbg, e2, & cbc
Post that here with the lab ranges.

Also can you describe yourself a bit, height weight any other medical conditions activity level and diet.

How do you feel on your current protocol? Keep in mind it can take about 6-8 weeks after starting or after a change to have a good idea of how it’s working for you.

Good luck

54, 6’2", 220lbs (in shape- I hit the gym 6x per week, and have been going regularly since my late-teens- no previous use of any hormone/steroid supplementation)- I’ve been on TRT at the same T dose described as above for ten months, and added the nandrolone 10 weeks ago. No medical conditions. I eat right, and on a very regular schedule. I feel fine (I’ve added ~10lbs and quite a bit of strength since starting) and haven’t experienced any negative side effects except for some oily skin.

The high count I got was pretty shocking, especially considering the 430ng/dL baseline that I got before I started TRT.

Being in Thailand, I don’t have access to some of the same testing and medical advice that you guys do. I actually learned a lot from this forum before starting TRT.

Normal T level was around 450. 125 sus and 125 deca pinned once per week put me at 2750 right before the injection. Doctor was nor pleased. :joy:

Okay, thanks for the prompt reply.
Nothing really stands out to me that would cause the extra high test results. I misread your initial post about how long you were taking each hormone.

So for reference I take about 180mg/week in 3 inj/week plus 90mg of nandrolone and my total t is less than half of yours. I do wonder if the test the lab uses is picking up the nandrolone also. Did you have any blood work prior to starting the nandrolone just taking the testosterone?

Assuming the lab is correct and using a proper test and your levels are still coming back high you could stop the nandrolone for 8 weeks and retest then. Pick one change or another at a time so you can evaluate it properly.

Really? That’s what I was hoping to hear- a similar experience. I live up north, but will get a full test the next time I’m in Bangkok (where there are some world-class hospitals).

I normally would have gotten tested sooner (and before starting nandrolone), but, with the Covid deal (which isn’t bad here, really) I didn’t feel like walking into a clinic before now and potentially be exposed to someone who might be sick.

That’s good advice re: testing, and, considering I was taking the nandrolone to help with an injury that is now healed, I should taper off it anyway.

Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.

Fyi, Your injuries may seem to come back when stopping the nandrolone, especially joints.
Nandrolone increases joint fluid levels providing more cushion and a bit of an effect on inflamation, it doesn’t really heal anything, but can help you be active allowing your body to heal itself better.

If you start hurting again and think about restarting the nandrolone, I’d start at half the dose to see how you feel, you can always up it later. Some guys get a really strong response from it and can get by with a pretty low dose if they’re just after help with pain, etc.

Good luck

Yeah, I’ve read/researched it as much as I could- I tried talking with a couple doctors here re: nandrolone (which I can get legally without a prescription from a pharmacy, same as T- you’d think they’d be a bit more up on readily available OTC drugs, but no…), and they weren’t any help.

Whatever it did to me, I felt WAY better (pain-free) on it, which is why I’ve stayed on it longer than I probably should have. It’s very helpful to communicate with someone on a similar program.