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T- Level Test How Low?


Hey All,
I had my hormone levels checked by a lab. I should get the results in around a week.

How low do you think free and total testosterone have to be before my doctor will take my symptoms seriously?
I feel like if they're at least 3-400 range, if I go to my doc with my test results, he's just going to shake his head, and send me packing.
Any experiences, thoughts?

I'm guessing it's doctor dependent too.
I could try an online hrt clinic, but I think they make you wait till you're 30,I'm 27.


Mine was low normal. 310, I think.

It wasn't my line, but I asked him "Low normal testosterone doesn't sound good. Would YOU really like to be low normal?"

I think it was in the D-Tap with Cy Wilson. Either Chris or Cy said it.


I asked my fathers doc to test his T levels. It came back 276, this was taken at about 10am. When I asked about getting him HRT the doc replied "Testosterone doesn't do all that you think it does", after I showed him about 12 article summaries with reference citations. This guy is supposed to be one of the best MDs in the area, too.


Yeah, I told my old doctor that my sex drive was low and that I wanted to get my testosterone checked, and he said that sex drive is all in the brain, meaning it doesn't have anything to do with testosterone. I have a new doctor now.


The guy may well be a good MD, however unless he is active in reseach (which surely does not seem to be the case) or if those articles were in JAMA or a similar journal, it is not likely that he would have ever read them.


Anyone have a link to any of these articals? I'm getting a pysical next month and want to get T-levels checked and would like to be armed with a bit of knowledge on this subject.



Let us know what the doc says. I'd be really curious if he gives you the time of day. Most docs are coming out of the stone age in this area.


There are many docotrs open to the concept of testosterone manipulation for optimal health, even if you are in the "normal" range. If your doctor won't try someone else. It should not be too hard to find someone in your area.


I assume your doctor (and the others described in this thread) are endocrinologists?

Most endocrinologists are focusing on three things: diabetes, keeping bone mass, and fertility. They really are not concerned with such things as sex drive and bodybuilding. If you look at the guy responsible for studying steroid hormones here at Stanford you can get a pretty good idea of that:


I know her -- oops, sorry, HIM -- and he's a nice guy, but we definitely do NOT share many interests.

You might leverage their obsession with fertility by getting a sperm count and making sure it's low by the time you "produce the sample". There are several techniques for that, including alcohol and Speedos, but the side effect is that they lower T too, of course.

On a related note, my wife also has some pretty fun stories about ObGyns. Apparently most of them can't believe she's had kids.

I think most doctors don't actually realize the benefits of a healthy diet, a good sex life and exercise. Maybe they should be trying it out too!

Most people somehow expect doctors to be more competent than the general population, but fail to realize that doctors are not an exception the rule that 90% of people suck at their jobs. Always have and always will.


Truest statment I've ever read on the internet.


LOL. I love it when others realize this as well.


I remember going to my doctor to get my T levels checked. Over the span of a year they were between 225-275 ng/dl. I was sent home each time since I was in the "normal" range.

I tried Cy Willson's advice on lowering your T levels. Booze, no food for 24 hours, and no sleep the night before the test, and lots of caffeine (not sure it was in the article, but it does clear T from the blood). Cy recommends doing something similar for a week or so, but since I already had low levels the 24-48 hours of doing this worked fine. After doing this twice the tests came back at 128 and 84 ng/dl. Needless to say, the doc gave in and wrote a prescription.


I have NO problem getting on testosterone cream
I am 355 ng/dl and free is also "low normal"
My fear was the Uro and my GP just gave it with no followup !
That scared me

Monday, I saw an endo and she gave it to me with absolutely no resistance
recognizing that at 355 "clinically normal" I could still have low or no libido and need the med !
I go back in 7 weeks to check new levels

ALL I can say is different docs
have differing beliefs

I expected a fight from the endo Monday
and got just the opposite: coupons
for discounts

I had my GP and this urologist ready as a back up


Whose the lab to say where the bottom is for all of us?

I bet some guys with my levels are fine

Just get a doc who realises if you have symptoms and are low ( clinically normal) It needs help !


another missconception that was dilled in my head by the endo, her staff and
my pharmacist ( who sees more and more ppl on testosterone) is the fact that
guys at any age can have low T, not just middle age up !

How many suffer when the labs show low normal and go on suffering??

I was the opposite of everyone here and had 2 docs throw it at me with no plan to monitor it so I feaked.

Now I have a doc who sees low for what it is ( a problem) and will follow me and adjust as we need.

My first two episodes of T treatment
I stopped voluntarily showed symptom relief at about the one month out time frame...the first time DRAMATIC.

Get a good ENDO to follow you and be patient as it takes a few weeks to get
the results

and you will DEF notice the morning they show up !!

Get some acne meds too !:slight_smile:


My doctor writes for 240 and under, which from what I understand is considered to be the lowest level of "normal". Personally, my lowest reading has been 170, and I usually range between 210 and 250.


Also - I switched around doctors alot until I found my current, not only for the test levels, but also because most doctors who deal with the general population know nothing about training, weight, etc. I'm 5-10 in the 240 lb. range, usually, have been training for almost 20 years, and it was ridiculous how many Drs went by the charts and would tell me that I was 60-80 lbs overweight with a high risk for heart attack even though I have low enough bodyfat to see my abs and a resting heart rate in the low 60's.

Shop around and find the person who actually knows and understands your needs, not someone who only understands the general pop.


AN email contact I had from a leading sex therapist I saw on CNN and was amazed hede write me back made me see the light...

HE said low normal as I was (300-400)
was consistant with low desire or no desire he sees in practice! He likes his people with at least 600-700) TOTAL at MIN.

I then knew I needed supplimentation
and my symptoms were not a co -incidence.

As I said I thought Id have a fight with this Endo even ARMED with the email...!

I never had to show the email !

She had me on androgel so fast looking at my labs I was shocked