T Level Results. Please Help Me Understand

Hello… I’m 54 and got my results back. My free testosterone was 14.88 pg/ml.I suppose it can be calculated to ng/dl. I’m thinking its 1488 but thats way to high. Also my total testosterone was 7.61 ng/ml.I had the exams in Colombia , South América, but I assume there must be some conversion table to the normal 300 - 1200 ng/dl range. Can anyone help? Thanks

You cannot compare reference ranges with other labs or convert units. There are big differences in laboratory methods that make cross comparison nearly impossible.

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Yuo don’t need to worry about converting units. You need to use their units and ranges. Free T is typically measured in pg/ml and Total in ng/dl. Labcorp Free T in my age bracket for example is 8.7-25.1 pg/ml as the range. But as @systemlord stated, you need to use the range and units from the lab taking your sample.

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This Total T isn’t too high if say your SHBG is very high. Men with high SHBG tend to require a higher Total T to get the Free T to the high normal range.

It would help if you provided normal ranges for your labs.

These are all my results and ranges. Thanks

Yes but the labs are not in English, so I have no idea which are the Free T ranges.